Musicians Beware of the Venezuelan Musicologist SCAM!!!

Posted by Jan Ryan on Wed, 01/14/04 - 05:28:15.

Hi there,
It seems that lots of us musicians may have already or will eventually receive an email from a person calling themselves "Reinaldo Javier Sanchez".

This person claims to be a female musicologist and researcher, Ph.D., M.Sc. They go on to say that they're a professor of rock and pop music history at a university in Venezuela and that they'd like you to help them out by sending them a bunch of your cd's to be used for research purposes for their students of rock music.... YEAH SURE!!!

Beware!! This is a scam designed to make a quick fact lots of bucks!!

These people are possibly making somewhere in the region of $US 10,000 a year from this little scam...simply by selling the artist's cd on the black market and various music stalls etc as soon as it arrives in their mailbox....and it's costing them absolutely nothing to do this!! As it's trusting and gullible musicians like us who are graciously and through the kindness of our own hearts sending it to them (all postage paid!!) in the honest belief that they're actually interested in the music and using it for research purposes...for university students no less!

I have now received this email around 5 times...a couple of times with a different (scanned photo) of the supposed female musicologist and researcher, Ph.D., M.Sc... blah blah blah ...Once with the same photo.. but a different person!!

I haven't actually fallen for this one myself.... but it makes me mad as hell and I thought it's about time something should be done about it, as the life of a muso can already be hard enough, just having to deal with all the liars, ripoffs, conmen and shit talkers out there who have always freely operated within and will forever continue to clutter up our industry!! Some of us seem to attract these creeps like moths to a light bulb!!


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Opera singer Dan Paul Dumitrescu

Hi you all there, I got the same SCAM from the same person as being this time a musicologist, willing to teach his "thursty" students for classicla music and opera ome of my roster artists voice tecnique. Thanks to you I am protected now to not send to this person our CD.
I hope that others are smart enough to search in the net for this name
Thank you all again

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Its not just music people

Its not just music people being scammed - i am a film maker and i have had MSc. Reinaldo J. Sanchez. - write to me 3 times and ask for some DVDS. Of course, I would not have sent them anyway - (it would cost me too much) but a google search of their name bought me here - so thanks for confirming it IS a scam. I hope others also check it out before sending off their cds, or DVDs. All the best


I also received this request to send my dvd's for his film class at God knows what college or University. If someone was that interested in my work I'd be amazed.
SCAM don't buy into it.

still active...

today I received this email, "ordering" 3 of my CDs... Interesting business model.
Thanks for warning me!

still active...

today I received this email, "ordering" 3 of my CDs... Interesting business model.
Thanks for warning me!

Not just music and film

Musicologist and professor of "Keyboard Instruments" (his/her italics) Reinaldo J. Sanchez also sent me a request asking for a recently released cd of 19th century Polish piano music. Not something that would be very popular in Barinas, I would have thought. 'Prof. Sanchez' does seem to have eclectic tastes, though, a google search shows that he asks for books as well..
Thank you for the posting about this scam

Reinaldo J. Sanchez

It seems Reinaldo J. Sanchez is also interested in contemporary orchestral music by New Zealand composers. He (she?) contacted the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra yesterday asking for a donation of several CDs. Prof. Sanchez has been sending begging emails of this kind since at least 2001, sometimes claiming to be a Professor of History (asking for postage stamps, coins or books), sometimes a Professor of Education, on one occasion a Professor of History of Opera. I'm not sure whether he/she is trying to make money or is just an opportunist collector with wide-ranging interests. Same PO Box number for the past 13 years.

Reynaldo J. Sanchez

Hello everyone,

I work at a film production company and I received an email via our website from this same 'person' (this time claiming "I am professor of "Films & Filmmaking" at local university´s school of cinema." - and gave no credentials or university name, and he even used quotation marks on Films and Filmmaking!) He asked for us to send him a DVD of one of our films for his students as they are studying the director (he is not a well known director and this was his first film!). What a chancer. No doubt planning to rip the DVD and make money off our film. This website is the first entry that came up when I searched his name. Thanks for putting this page up here so others don't fall prey to this pathetic scam.

the same for me!!!

hello everyone!
Thanks a lot to comment this scam! I received the same message just now but this time Reynaldo is interested in Baroque Music to do a project about my work with his students! How can we block this felon people?
Here you see his email address and message:

Dear ......

I am Musicologist and professor of "Vocal Music"
at local School of Music.
I would like to know if you can send as donation
(by Postal Service) the following Recordings:
These Recordings will be used in a project with
my students based on the study of Vocal Music
performed by ..(my name).

If you wish to help, the postal address is:

Professor. Reynaldo J. Sánchez.
Municipio Barinas. C.P. 5201.
(Apartado Postal 90). Estado Barinas.
República Bolivariana de Venezuela.
(South America)

Best Regards,

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