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4. Luthiers & Citterns

What about the origins of the term LUTHIER:

Luthier originally meant "Lute maker" but has come to include all stringed instrument makers including cello, violin, mandolin, banjo, & even electric guitar makers. The lute descended from the Persians to the Arabs (who still use it). The Arabs brought the lute to Venice and Europe around 1250 a.d.and here is where we get the term lute from ,the Arabs, who called it Al'ud ("the tree").


OK here is one more fact I find very interesting - in the renaissance period we come across the pre-runner of today's steel string, an instrument called a cittern (slattern). An 8 stringed (steel strings) fretted guitar type instrument that was very common and was tuned so that just about anyone could play the thing. It was so easy to play that I guess everyone ( musicians or not ) played citterns in taverns & bars - hence the ominous term originated SLUT.

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