LOOK OUT - Possible Scam


0 bids, 0 ebay sales, only accepts 3 easy scam to trace payment methods, and then calls the guitar a 'Blue Oyster' one for you Mike is'nt it?

then heres another from the same ebayer, costs less money than the first, but the same guitar, and also pictured is a strat like guitar?


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Worthwhile notice Lee, thanks.

And despite the name, us VIP members of the Blue Oyster Club already receive our own custom built instruments - and I can assure you they resemble a flute more than a guitar. :wink: :wink:

I've noticed a few sellers from China listing guitars on ebay.co.uk - they have really tiny start prices like 99p but you need to check their postage prices - £300 or so!

Both items pulled; well done, Lee. I've always maintained that posting a Fleeb scam on a decent site (such as this one) works a lot quicker than going through the torturous "notify eBay" process.

Just in the middle of a 'run in' with an ebayer who said he posted out a music book to me, it didnt turn up, and now i have to wait for ebay/paypal to run their investigation, it was only £11, but its the principle, grrrr :twisted:

I do not like the look of this AT ALL. This seller has an aftermarket "F" type Fender neckplate for an entirely reasonable $10:


The same seller has a "1966" Fender neckplate at the also-reasonable list of $99 - indeed, he has a bid on it. The problem is, have a look at it:


It's almost like "spot the difference". A couple of Qs; why does the listing say serial # 118XXX when the pic makes it perfectly clear what # has been stamped and, secondly, why does this plate cost $2 more to post than the blank one? Did he stamp the numbers on heavily? :oops: , I mean, did Fender stamp the numbers on heavily?

EDIT: The IMGs didn't load up. Please click on the links to see what I mean. 2nd EDIT: TBF, looking through the seller's previously completed listings, he seems to specialize in stripping down (esp) Musicmasters et al for parts. If it is genuine (and I guess it is) the problem is it looks TOO clean. A bit of pitting and oxidation would've done it no harm.

It does look too clean, i agree, a lot of his other stuff looks very good though, he has a lot of satisfied customers behind him too, But i agree with you bass, it does look very odd.

All horsemen of the apocalypse are here. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Fender-Precision-Bass-October-1968-Natural-wood-finish_W0QQitemZ7356612626QQcategoryZ4713QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem '68 Precision; newly registered, 0 feedback seller; tempting £600 starter. No mention of postage details. I tend to find this is a Freudian slip - the guitar doesn't exist so why bother filling in the shipping costs?

Not even a photo of the bass. I think even the mugs will steer clear of this one.

Never heard of a 1960 Gibson ES bass? Neither have I. This has more than a hint of "Teisco" about it. Anybody more clued up and can confirm it's legit (eg SB?), please chime in.


just asked for a close up the headstock front/back and body too, and also the s/no.
Romford as we all know is full of 2nd hand car dealers, and this definatly has the look af a ringer or cut and shut about it.

..i recall seeing a gibson sorta like that, but it really does seem odd.

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