No, not a thread on studded leathers and peaked caps. This is for those nice guitars, maybe even classics, that some numbskull has seen fit to customize or "hack" as the technical term goes. Here's one:


An original, 60s Hofner Beatle bass that some hack converted from its original lefty to a righty, then back again, but the righty hole and control plating remains. On behalf of us lefties, will you normals please stop doing this? Are you having trouble finding RH instruments out there?

Here, for example, is my own (not RI) Mustang bass carcass. A previous has turned it righty and hacked the upper horn back. Better still, he whopped out a rout for (of all things) a MightyMite 6-string bass pup near the bridge. The rout is so deep that the screw holes dimple the rear of the (refinished, pearl white) paint job. Some people.

Incidentally, an "optimistic" Fleeber is listing a Mustang bridge and saddles for $250 BIN. My whole cadaver cost £32, incl the neck, tuners and, yes, the bridge:

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I emailed the seller and he said it had been routed for a Kahler trem, so the routing was only behind the bridge area and there was no cavity routed in the back for trem springs (I assume Kahlers don't require them - I'm not an authority on those nasty 80s style trems).

The Kahler bass trem (seriously, a friend of mine was selling one) is springless, so yes I assume so. Not such an impossible repair, I don't see why the repairer got it wrong but decided to go ahead, glue it in and paint over anyway.

This seems a good a time as any to post my beloved SG, as mentioned in another thread, my friend decided to carve a lizard type thingy into the body about 1cm deep which I then filled with polyfiller when I aquired the guitar. I do like the black to red paint effect I got but the filler is still very visible.

note also the interesting knob collection, elecctrical taped Pup covers and 'scratched' plate.


p.s. Woohoo my PC is letting me post...I haven't been ignoring you all really just technical tish at this end.

Golly that was a big picture! should only be 50k though...

Anyhoo, its an Epi not a Gibson.

Even though it's been knocked about and abused, then humiliated with black tape and blackboard paint, and then butchered with some kind of carving device, and then had it's knobs ripped off and replaced with fender ones, even though this guitar has been taken to hell (i was going to say 'hell and back' but i dont think it's come back yet) i bet, despite all that, this SG still ROCKS.. with attitude. :lol:

Certainly does, just a pity I don't...can't get the hang of those 2 spare strings

Was it ever sacrificed on stage with lighter fuel? i just get the feeling it's not been, loved.. :lol:
if there was a RSPCG (Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Guitars, for anyone outside the UK) i'd report you..

Hey don't blame me! it was created in the height of the grunge era and I'm the 3rd owner...I blame Kurt Cobain (RIP)

lee_UK wrote:
Was it ever sacrificed on stage with lighter fuel? i just get the feeling it's not been, loved.. :lol:
if there was a RSPCG (Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Guitars, for anyone outside the UK) i'd report you..

'Prevention' surely unless you're a closet guitar sadist :lol:

ps. Woo! I've now 'Got Rhythm' kinda useful as a bassist!

EDITED: because I got 'Rhythm' wrong :oops:

Just out of curiosity, who on this message board has ever smashed a guitar?

I did once, and to make matters sound worse it wasn't even my own.

It was an act of revenge on someone I used to share a house with. We'd all been given our marching orders by the letting agency, but had to clean the house, make repairs where needed, clean the carpets, etc, and this guy did absolutely nothing to help. He just buggered off leaving some of his things out in the garage including his crappy acoustic guitar, presumably intending to collect later. Which was where I found it...

I've got some photos somewhere!

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