No, not a thread on studded leathers and peaked caps. This is for those nice guitars, maybe even classics, that some numbskull has seen fit to customize or "hack" as the technical term goes. Here's one:


An original, 60s Hofner Beatle bass that some hack converted from its original lefty to a righty, then back again, but the righty hole and control plating remains. On behalf of us lefties, will you normals please stop doing this? Are you having trouble finding RH instruments out there?

Here, for example, is my own (not RI) Mustang bass carcass. A previous has turned it righty and hacked the upper horn back. Better still, he whopped out a rout for (of all things) a MightyMite 6-string bass pup near the bridge. The rout is so deep that the screw holes dimple the rear of the (refinished, pearl white) paint job. Some people.

Incidentally, an "optimistic" Fleeber is listing a Mustang bridge and saddles for $250 BIN. My whole cadaver cost £32, incl the neck, tuners and, yes, the bridge:

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Ive never smashed one up, but ive seen one or two candidates.

I once filled a crappy nylon string acoustic with concrete to create an inside out guitary sculpture (we were encouraged to experiment and I don't need much encouragement anyway!)
I also trashed an old 'Audition' electric which had been given to me, long story but the guitar came off worst in the end :D


Anybody have a Colombus hanging around? i'd gladly stick that through a townsend set. Id play my my 'real' guitar, then quicky grab the POS (Piece of sh*t) and stick it through a shredding machine normaly used for dead branches and shrubs.

As I think I've mentioned before, that's what Blackmore used to do at gigs. Sneak off for a "Satellite" just before the ritual smash-up. He didn't use a branch-shredder. Maybe if he teams up with Slim Shady...

I'd organized a mult-band gig where the last band on "Keith Moon"ed the drum kit. It wasn't their drum kit. Much chasing of drummer into, eventually, the toilets by the band that was loaning it out to all the performing bands.

Dont start me off on those Satelittes! why did all their models begin with the letters POS?

What the hell happened to this poor sod? what did this guitar ever do to deserve this?
Nicely described too.

Is that a pentangle or a Clanger? No money for the gig, but all the blue-string-soup you can eat :lol:

he's probably the Sid Philips of the guitar world.

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