Value of old guitar?

I have an old guitar that I am trying to find the value of. I'm hoping someone out there can help. The guitar is a Vespero model SMG-60. It's an acoustic guitar made in Brazil expressly for SMG Distributors.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Pat )

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Vespero smg 60

I just came across one of these old guitars and Google brought me here.

My observations:
- the finish is crazed meaning that it is really old or it was made from cheap materials. It's the latter. I've seen quite a few 70 or more years old and they don't show this kind of crazing.

- the tuning pegs, keys, nut and saddle are all plastic. There are mold lines on the keys and although the nut looks old, its just cheap plastic.

- inside the body of the guitar I can see that the wood used for the back is veneer, plywood. The one I have has layers of veneer with unfilled gaps in it. Cheap plywood.

- the bracing is light and appears to be made of mahogany. Mahogany is very cheap in Brazil. There are very few braces.

- the glue is two kinds, one is hot glue (the brown) and another is liquid white (elmers) that has bubbles in it. The glue was applied in a sloppy manner.

- the fingerboard does in fact appear to be rosewood as does the bridge. Brazilian rosewood is a very common wood in Brazil.

- the top appears to be solid but is not spruce as one person suggests above. Whatever wood it is, it is flat sawn unlike spruce, cedar or redwood which would be quarter sawn.I have several higher end acoustic guitars that have spruce tops.

Overall I would say that the smg 60 is a low end mass produced guitar that is worth about $20 or whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

That being said, if it sounds good and plays well then that's all that really matters anyway.

Vespero SMG-60

I know these posts are old, however just came accross this site while searching for a price on the SMG-60
From my research its value is between 199.00-450.00 dependent on condition.
Beautiful guitar. I buy and sell guitars This one is a keeper. :)
Bought it for 5.99 Yay

Hope this helps


Vespero SMG-60

Hi !! ddd , hope you see this and contact me. I also purchased this guitar in New Brunswick Nj !!!! over 40 years ago . Had a guy on Livingston avenue do some work to it.
his name was Mike Fitapalldi . He made Lutz's for a living!! He was and amazing craftsman.

George 732 995 1895

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