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Just thought i'd pass on my hard earned knowledge.
If you think your guitars are covered under your general household insurance think again, and check.
I have 14 guitars in my house and Mrs Lee_UK accidendly knocked one over, it hit the floor face down and broke off the headstock, i phoned the Insurance company and they asked me to get an estimate, during the conversation they tricked me into admiting that i had played one or 2 gigs in my time, not with this actual guitar but with others, they then said that none of my guitars were covered because i use them in a professional basis. They also said i wouldnt have been covered because they felt 14 guitars was 'excessive'. So if you do ever claim for a guitar, never ever never never admit you have taken any of your posse out gigging.
I now have a seperate guitar insurance which covers the best 8 of them.
£120 per year.

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I'd hate to see how that insurance company would refer to the dude here who has 50+ guitars if your excessive. Good advice lee.

I have a fair number of guitars myself. If anything happens to one of them, I think I'll hide the rest and pretend I've only got the one guitar before getting the insurance company involved.

The only thing is, where to hide them all?

Ask your cat to sit on them, its still doing a grand job on your Limited edition VOX AC30.

Yeah, +1 for lee_UK. I'd consult this FAQ here at Anderson Group to learn more about homeowner's coverage on musical instrument.

If you play professionally, get a real guitar insurance policy. If you have a vintage instrument, be very careful with "replacement cost" coverage... if you've got a vintage guitar you almost certainly want "agreed value". That FAQ above explains all this. I have coverage on my 58 les paul tv... you could never "replace" this so you can get really screwed with replacement value coverage. I get mine through the company hosting the FAQ... Anderson Group Electric Guitar Insurance

I have a special policy that covers loss. I was using Heritage Ins and MusicPro - but they were too expensive. Now I use (Travelers covers the policy) and it's a better deal. You can insure $10,000 with low or no deductible for about $125 or so.

It covers your axe/amp/instrument when playing out, jamming, at home, for loss and damage at fair market value/cost of replacement.

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