Twisted Lyrics - So Nasty Bill Cosby Fainted!

Well maybe he didn't.

I can't take credit for this Meatloaf spinoff...

"You took the words right out of my mouth, oh, must of been while you were Fistin' me"

Any others?

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Sppoky :shock:

Very spooky. :shock:

"Your dick is in my throat" Instead of "Your hands are on my throat"

....don't ask how and why, it just sound like that the first time i heard it
Friends are still making fun of me cause i was singing loudly the verse....:)

1bassleft wrote:
As albums go, I quite like "Nevermind" (you can tell a 'but' is coming) BUT, I could've sworn Kurt sang:

The last album
It was dangerous
We're lounge lizard
'Coz we're stupid
It took ages
But who cares 'coz
Geffen paid us

Ner-nee-ner-nee-ner-ner Hey! Ner-nee-ner-nee-ner-ner Yeah.

Found a pillow
Weapons silo
Blown my head off
When I lie-low
I can't solo,
I can't solo, I can't solo,ooooooh.

Oh my god!!!! i just saw this i was on page one never noticed there was another.....Man you've gotta be kidding!!!! :shock:

The Clash 'I fought the Law'
i thought the lyric went 'Breaking rocks in a hot tub' but in fact it's
'Breaking rocks in the hot sun'
why the hell do you break rocks in a hot tub?
we just never question it do we?

Well... it could beone of those mud bath thingys with the warm springs and the stones.. because arent stones like some remedy these days.. stones rolled over you?? err

There are 2 untouchables as far as criticism goes on this forum, and they are:
The Rolling Stones - Greatest R'nR band in the world
Paul Weller - The greatest solo artist of all time.

Please make note.

haha by stones, I meant rocks, but you knew that.

im just laying down the law for future posters..

Nuthin' to do with lyrics, but The Jam's "Start" always made me think of The Beatles' "Taxman" and "Undercover of the Night" always reminded me of a 3.5 minute, exceedingly wet fart for some reason.

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