Fender Acoustic Guitar, Model Gemini II

Can anyone tell me anything about a Fender Acoustic guitar, called a Gemini II ? The serial number (8301300) can be seen on the interior of the body on a round sticker. This is also where the model name (Gemini II) can be seen. My father owns this guitar and he believes it to be about 30 years old or so. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Gemini ll

I bought my Gemini ll in 1983 for school guitar class. Used it for the three month class and stored it till 2017 when my daughter decided to try guitar. Glad I saved it.
Serial no. 8301825
Hope this helps someone.

Gemini II

I bought this at Guitar Center in Sherman Oaks, California in 1986 and I am willing it off to my niece after I die because she has stolen it scores of times since she was three (now 14). All I ask is that she not tear off the KNAC 105.5 PURE PURE ROCK FM stickers off:

Fender gemini II

Gentlemen I came across this acoustic guitar and have been reading your comments. Judging by your feedback I believe I should invest in a bridge and bridge pin kit and strinngs. My only concern is some of the string tuning keys may have issues. The guitar says Gemini II Serial # A 6618439 can anyone tell me the year made with certainty. I thank you if you may

Fender Gemini II e

I have a Gemini II E (serial 9647919), which is the electrified version. I bought it here in Spain at the end of the 80's, and since then she has given me lots of hours of happyness. Glad to know that I was not becoming crazy, since I'm delighted with her, and through the passing of years I realized that it was sounding better and better. I can only recommend to buy one if you find it in ebay or similar at a good price.
Regarding the year of manufacturing, here you are what Fender says in https://support.fender.com/hc/en-us/articles/214343883-How-can-I-find-out-when-my-acoustic-instrument-was-manufactured

Gemini I (Classical) 1984-1988 $140 to $165 Spruce top, nato back and sides
Gemini II 1984-1987 $165 to $189 Spruce top, nato back and sides
Gemini IIE (Electric) 1987-1990 $240 to $260 Spruce top, nato back and sides
Gemini III (Black) 1987-1988 $199 to $209 Spruce top, mahogany back and sides
Gemini IV (White) 1987-1990 $220 to $240 Spruce top, mahogany back and sides

Gemini II

I have a Gemini II that I bought from a pawn shop sometime around the end of 92 and beginning of 93. The s/n is A6618964. I'm guessing it was made in 86 but I could be wrong after looking at the S/N lists for Fender. There was probably a method to the madness but no one knows what it was. It seems they didn't have a good book keeping system back then in Korea. If you check the link below it makes it look like Fender doesn't know when their guitars were manufactured in Korea. They say it started in 88 but the other link from the Fender site above shows the date of 84. There could have been others made in Korea also because the page shows earlier guitars imported from the general area of Asia. As far as the sound quality goes, I have to agree with most of the posts here, it sounds better now than it did when I bought it.


Fender Gemini II

My uncle gave me his "old beater" guitar in 1999. It was my daily player for years, when I was learning and playing a lot during undergrad. I can remember going to the guitar store regularly and playing thousand dollar guitars and never felt too bad coming back to "my" old Fender.

Even as I sit here playing it now...would I like to buy a thousand dollar Martin, sure. But I love the history that I have with this old guitar.

Serial Number: S0000000798

I'm wondering if you still have the Fender Gemini 12 string?

I have one that I'm refinishing and would like to have another in nice condition to play while I work on it. If you still have it, what do you want for it? Thanks in advance, Mike

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