Kirk's Weekly Guitar Lesson: Here There Everywhere

Hi again, fellow plucker ... I hope you had a good week.

I watched Paul McCartney being interviewed on TV recently, heard this tune in the background and thought to myself 'Now there's a good melody', so here is the lesson for it ... Part One anyway. There's a beautiful key change after this section which I guess I'll do next week. Why not?

Like all great tunes, it's a masterpiece of simplicity, sticking mostly to related chords except for that one deviation that makes it "This Song". It's pretty straight forward except for one little passage that was quite interesting to arrange in this key. The beauty of the guitar, of course, is the way that notes repeat all over the place, so if one position is awkward to get around, there are many others which may prove easier to negotiate. This was one such case, where the obvious was not the best.

Go to Guitar for Beginners and Beyond and follow the Weekly Lesson link.

PlaneTalk - The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book just keeps doing what it's done since I wrote it: shedding glaring light on the mysteries of the fretboard. I sat in last night with a very well known Australian blues guitarist, Phil Manning, who was doing a gig nearby. I'd never heard any of his tunes before, and later on, after the show, an amazed listener (and budding guitarist) asked me 'How do you do that? How can you just get up and play along to stuff you've never heard?' 'Easy', I told him, 'I've read my book PlaneTalk'. I told him how you can recognize the chord structure of songs quite easily, and once you know that, you need only follow three prominent fretboard landmarks around. I told him how it's all in the book ... and private PlaneTalkers' Forum. He bought the book this morning.

Go to the PlaneTalk Site to find out more about it.

I'm getting down to the finishing strokes of the 'How to Play Slide Guitar in Standard and Dropped D Tunings' DVD I've been slaving away at for months now. It's looking pretty darn good too. It shouldn't be too much longer. Go to my other-other site BottleNeck Guitar dot Com to find out more, to view some free lessons, to listen to some of my slide tunes and to join the Slideguitar Forum.

There are more tunes at my Soundclick site.

Have a good week! All the best,


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