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Hello, everybody! My name is Minstrel and I've been playing the guitar for some time now, with little success and slow progress. It's just a hobby of mine, you see...

Anyway, I wanted to ask you guys for some advice, concerning barre chords. The article in the latest GNW is an eye opener, it's very helpful, yet it still can't seem to help my personal problem.

The thing is: when I lay a barre on any fret, the third (g) string always rings. It is of no cncern when I play major, six-string spanning, chords: I just place my middle finger on the next fret, yet when I try a minor chord, it usualy sounds nasty.

No matter how I twist, turn, crook or position my finger, it's always the same.

I'm not sure if my index finger isn't somewhat crooked. Do you think I can overcome this problem with practice? Or is it just plainly anatomical? If so, can I do something about it? Maybe bandage my middle digit?

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Hi Minstrel, i dont understand what you mean, can you rephrase the question, what do you mean by ringing? does the G string sound a little flat or sharp?

I thought ringing meant "plays open"; so the G-string is playing an open "G" on each Barre. That's how I read it, but I'm just a bass player :)

Minstrel, do you mean you have trouble getting the little finger straight and putting enough pressure on the strings? If so, I'm sure that proper, decent guitarists (not me) have some suggestions.

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