Drummer ? or Psycho Killer? Answers revealed here

Psycho?? arhhhhhh nooo,

He is infact Mr Aitken a Professional session drummer.
heres no2..

His name is Bryant and he was responsible for the Port Arthur Massacre i think in Tasmania, he killed 24.
Heres no3..

yeah he looks like a psycho... til you see the whole picture..

he actualy plays for Disney on stage. anbody get that one??
heres no4...

mugshot? or rimshot??

doh !! hes a drummer too.
heres no5..

hes Dylan Klebold a murderer, responsible for Columbine masacre.
heres no6..

Eugene McWatters, Serial killer.

Larry Eyler- Serial Killer 21 deaths.

he just had to be a drummer with an expression like that..

Steve Benson - Pro drummer/ Percussionist.

Unknown drummer from the American civil war.
and lastly..

Ted Bundy, Ladykiller, someone got that right,

so the answers were 2,5,6,7,10 in the right order especialy for Mike.

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haha thanks for the correct ordering. I didn't recognise Ted. See I always think of Ted as looking like Mark Harmon from the TV movie.

#8 is still my fav.

Blimey, Lee; I only got 2/5 and I'm supposed to "hook up" with the drummer :shock:

Does this mean that 40% of drummers look like serial killers, or 60% of serial killers look like drummers? Or do you just hire them if they have a kit and know 4/4?

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