is this a ground problem?

on one of my guitar when i am using alot of distortion, when i get close to my amp it buzzes like crazy. i tried it on another guitar and it did not do it so i know its not the amp or patch cord, it must be the guitar. and the guitar that it is happening with has humbuckers so it wouldnt be because they are single coil although the buzzing sounds very similar to what signle coils would do. is this a ground problem with my guitar?

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does the problem guitar buzz when plugged into a friends amp?

Hello again, gg. Sounds like a guitar-earth problem, the buzz is often reduced a lot if you put your hand over the strings. Is this the case? Your body is then earthing the guitar. Usually, if this is the problem, it's because of a loose connection at the jack or the earth (usually running to underneath the bridge) has loosened. Come back with your findings to the Qs from Lee and me and we'll go from there.

im not sure if it does it on another amp or not but it doesnt do it with any of my other guitars so im pretty sure its not the amp and also, the buzz does not reduce when i put my hands on the strings.

can anyone help me out?

could be a pickup problem, does it buzz on all the pickups? if it were mine id take the strings off and re-dab all the solder joints, but it really doesnt sound like an earthing problem, i have some guitars that buzz when i stand too close to the amp, but its usualy single coil guitars, if were an earthing problem it would buzz/hum all the time so im pretty sure its not that, and the problem isnt there when you use other guitars so it rules the amp and power supply out.
what make and model of guitar is it?
are you ok using a soldering iron?

it is a 1986 american made peavey vortex. and i have done a few things with a soldering iron like fix my patch cord but nothing on my guitars.

Sounds as though it needs to have shielding installed. It is copper foil that is soldered into the ground circuit to catch and bleed off Electromagnetic and Radio Interference. I think Stew Mac and Kinman have articles on their web sites. Good luck.

Shielding could do it and, while you're looking at it, have a very good look at the earth/ground soldering at the jack socket and the bridge plate. These are often where things come loose, and that annoying bzzz appears.

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