Metal amps

Is there a better metal amp than a peavey xxx with a 1960a marshall cab?

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Fair point on the Randall. The JC120 is a fine amp for what it does (my guitarist still has one that's some 20 years old) but, in fairness, doesn't crop up at the usual hairy gig. More for the bloke sat on a stool playing an ES with strings he hasn't changed in seven years :)

I'd rule out the valvestate on two fronts. I don't think it was marketed (and certainly wasn't taken up) as a serious pro setup. Also, all but the smallest bedroom combo used the hybrid approach with a 12AX7 preamp that I mentioned. Funnelly nuff, Marshall used the same trick with the Dynamic Bass System (DBS) with the capability to blend valve and SS preamps (much like that Randall V Max). I tried the DBS400 stack and initially expected the SS blend to be the 'totally useless' knob but was pleasantly surprised. For bass, it was quite nifty to dial in the SS for a clean funk or Weather Report tone (didn't make me play like Jaco, though :P ) and dial back the valve tone I use more often for the indie-rock I usually do.

Lee, I think (I'm not dead cert myself) that the Very Metal amp requirements are different to classic heavy rock/metal. The standard, EL34 Marshall seems to sag and distort too early ( :shock: ). Just to check, I had a look at Marshall's endorsing artists and there aren't many of the Nu, thrash, death variety - mostly Maiden and suchlike.

Randall And Marshall still use Valves in the pre-amp stage, and Roland Jazz Chorus?? surely not, who uses those??

Lee, some of those Randall heads are all SS; I think Cyclone and Warhead were a couple with no glowing bottles even in the preamp. The Valvestates were almost all pre-tubed (hence the name). The JC120 I remember particularly in the 80s. They have their fans, but not particularly in metal, where this thread originated.

Some players (the vast majority of bassists, a minority of guitarists) do go for the route of the cleanest possible power amplification with little coloration. The coloration can then be dialled in by the player using eq and pedals. The unpleasant distortion of SS is simply overcome by just upping the W, which can be done easily with little weight penalty (unlike valves).

Much as I love valves for pre and power stages, it is an ear thing and goes with my style. If someone else likes a pedal and a straight wattage-multiplier for their tone, that's fine too, if it fits.

I ought to qualify that, though. Anyone who reckons "No need for a valve amp, I can get that Bluesbreaker tone from my modelling or multiFX pedal" has perhaps a slightly hazy idea of the amp being emulated. That, or they're beta-testing a floor unit not on the market yet.

yeah but a jazz chorus? metal?? i just cant see ywengie malstreem poodle doggy style hair, one sweaty spandex clad leg up on the jazz chorus whilst ripping the nuts out of some minor pentatonic scale, in Eb minor of course, with the Austrian National Philharmonic backing him up, while he widdles out some improvised Bach, you think im making it up, it actualy happened, a reveiwer discribed it as like putting on a classical record on one deck whilst simultaniously playing a heavy metal record.
Jazz Chorus?? pull the other one its got Ywengie on it.

Lee, next time you and I are on this forum at the same time I'll wear my wetsuit and maybe the (urban myth?) Hendix stage catheter. I don't know many hairy JC120 users but pretentious "Guitar symphony in E min and 64,000/4 time" types may be among them.

metallica used the jazz chorus heaps

i heard a rumour they use them live for their clean sound

"you can never have too many effects pedals"

You a Rage Against The Machine fan?

metallica used the jazz chorus heaps

i heard a rumour they use them live for their clean sound

I didn't know that, rws, thanks. I'm tempted to say that I didn't know Metallica used a clean sound :) , but I'm straying way outside what I know about (again). I'll keep an eye out for live footage. The JC-120 is certainly very capable, but not my kind of thing.

and didnt Kirk Hammett once play a hurdi gurdi? in the early folky hazy days before his ESP Voodoo trip? scalloped fretboard of course, and on a serious note, has anyone noticed that its the PRS 20th anniversary? am i the only person to have noticed? and did you know Mr P made his first guitar for Pete Frampton?? :D

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