Everything in this picture relates to a song name, or a band or singer name, if you get 50 or more you are doing well, see how many you vcan get.


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alice in chains
rolling stones
dead kennedys
guns 'n' roses
stand and deliver?
smashing pumpkins
led zeppelin
mr postman
beach boys
the zombies
the eagles
scissor sisters
matchbox 20
exile on main st.
the cars?
the doors
silver spoon
red hot chilli peppers

1. Guns n Roses
2. Dinosaur Jr
3. 50 Cent
4. Whitesnake
5. Queen
6. Madonna
7. Blues Brothers
8. Queen
9. Prince
10. Sex Pistols
11. Eels
12. Yello (Yellowman?)
13. Rolling Stones
14. Seal
15. White Zombie / (The Zombies?)
16. Pink Fairies
17. Matchbox 20
18. Smashing Pumpkins
19. Eminem
20. Scissor Sisters
21. Garbage
22. Black Flag
23. Crowded House
24. Muse
25. Beach Boys
26. Television
27. The Cars
28. Iron Maiden
29. Eagles
30. Gorillaz
31. Radiohead
32. Hole
33. The Lemonheads
34. Alice in Chains
35. Blur
36. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
37. Q Tips
38. B-52s
39. Led Zeppelin
40. Small Faces (?)
41. Blind Melon
42. Spoon
43. Athlete (?)
44. Cowboy Junkies
45. Mountain
46. Pink
47. Fish
48. Deep Purple
49. The White Stripes
50. Korn
51. Counting Crows
52. The Police
53. Big Leaves
54. Gene Loves Jezebel
55. Embrace
56. Pavement
57. Dead Kennedys (or The Presidents of the United States of America)
58. The Doors
59. The Shadows
60. TV Personalities
61. Ratt

Awesome pic Lee... and you both pissed on my count. I'd love to see which you matched each with.. if you have a spare 2 hours :)

There are still some in there that I just can't get. (The three girls skipping hand in hand in front of one of the "rolling stones", for instance. What's that all about? And who are the group of white-robed people?)

Also, I didn't put any song/album titles in my list because I'm not convinced that there are actually supposed to be any (although what appears to be an unlit fire near the barrow made me think of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Light The Fire"). Yes, I saw Main Street too, but how is the "Exile" part being conveyed? So no, I don't think song titles, album titles, should be included.

"Muse" was the cleverest one that I found - two instances of the greek letter mu on the shop front.

your right glw, they are band names and there are 72 of them, and you can win an 8gig thingy, have a look here:

have a look at the url, the picture is wider and reveals more names,
pet shop boys

cypress hill, (not mountain!!)
Traffic ?
Black crowes or counting crows?
Kiss the girl? instead of embrace, seeing as its 2 girls kissing!!
who are the 3 guys on the roof?

Oh, and Manic Street Preachers (the guys in white) - dunno how I missed that!

im not conviced on your Manic street preachers, they dont look very manic, what is the whippet dog on the left?

Whippet = Whip It = Devo ?

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