Everything in this picture relates to a song name, or a band or singer name, if you get 50 or more you are doing well, see how many you vcan get.


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It's a bit like a jigsaw; some annoying tit comes along and puts in one more piece after you've been staring at it for days. I am that tit.

I think the calendar refers to "Green Day"

I also think "Queens of the Stone Age" are on the zebra-crossing and (this shows the inner-workings of the mind of 1BL), the yellow-latex-clad girl may just be "Kissing The Pink" - a one-hit band that my brother dubbed "Pi** in the Sink"

See I thought the yellow clad "girl" you mention was actually a yellow clad guy and therefore might be Cold Play for their "Yellow" or Yello as GLW said. Or is that actully a gold person that has some sort of statue or trophey reference?

I think the "Coldplay" thing is even more tenuous than "Kissing the Pinkl" - and I'm not convinced if that's the reason for "Yello" either.

That pair with the surfboards; could they be "Butthole Surfers"? The blurry guy in the pink shirt, does he just refer to Blur? Something makes me think of Pink Floyd, too.

Lee and glw, it'd be really nice if you found the time to match the bandnames to the images, as Mike mentioned. Big workload, I know, but it's not as if any of us have real jobs, here :lol:

ps, Surely the scattered sweeties refer to "Eminem"? EDIT; Just re-read and glw already had Eminem :oops:
pps Could the oversized goldfish be "Reel Big Fish"?

Speaking of Pink Floyd, I thought those 3 vertical pictures/grafitti on the wall near the TVs in the window sort of referenced The Wall... but my eyes can't make out what they actually are.

Everytime I get a bit of what Ed de Bono called "Lateral Thinking" and come up with, say "The Shadows" or "Dinosaur Jr" I check back through the thread and find that glw has already spotted them. This is very annoying :lol:

A bit pathetic, but the way the Black Crowes were settled on the street sign made me think of Hitchcock's "The Birds" and hey, a tambourine man entered my head.

Also pretty bad, but the hole in the road had me thinking of "Men at Work".

And I think this pad allows me to briefly exceed the number of posts put up by Lee. 03:51am, Monday Dec 5th, 2005: Lee 1132, 1BL 1133.

Now, I can go to bed :lol:

What about the "Shop" sign.

I was wondering about that. Is there a band called "Stating The Obvious" :?: :)

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