Rickenbacker replica

I recently laid my hands on a replica of the famous Rickenbacker 325, John Lennon model. The seller said it to be a Fernandez, made in the 70's.
As I can't find a brandname anywhere I'm curious if it really is a Fernandez. The originall nameplate was substituted by a well-made copy of the Rickenbacker plate. Anyone any ideas? Thanks!!

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i think you are looking for Fernandes not Fernandez, Feranades did indeed make good jap copies in the mid-late 70's and early eighties, i know they did some pretty good strat copies, but the best copy at that time was by Tokai, who i know made a good copy Rickenbacker, they did a convincing 2 pickup 360 model, and i think they also did the lennon type 325 complete with white scratchplate, that 'Rickenbacker' truss rod cover you talk about is still available as a replacemet spare from Rickenbacker, and they now ask for evidence of the broken one or evidence or ownership before selling one, which has now of course sparked a 'black market' in Ricky truss rod covers, enter ebay.com

Thanks for your reply! I wonder if anybody in this forum ever saw the same guitar or owns one.

It does seem very likely that this was from the Fuji-Gen-Gakki factory. May have been Ibanez, Greco, whatever but they're all similar. Any other info/pics? Bolt on neck? Convincing toasters?

Thanks! here is some more info:
the neck is not bolted on, so one piece. Toasters are very convincing. Originally there was a Bigsby-like tremoloe fitted, because of tuningproblems this was replaced by a R-tailpiece.[img]

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