Epiphone serial number - Help please...

Hi to everybody,

I'm going to buy an used Epiphone "Les Paul" model.

I got the serial number: 88014684

Someone can tell me the details for this instrument?

Many many thanks!


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Epiphone's parent company, Gibson, look like they're setting up an infolink on Gibson and Epiphone serial numbers: http://www.gibson.com/whatsnew/pressrelease/2000/may19a.html. However, when I tried it, I got a lot of 404 "page not found" messages. Contact Gibson direct from the link if you get the same problem.

That's a nice link, Mike, but this 8-digit number will be a later Epi made in the Far East. From what I've heard, Gibson are very good at responding to email enquiries - if you do want to find out more.

Ahhh... While I'm there anyways... Gibson SN links: http://www.gibson.com/Service/Serial%20Numbers%20Search/

We're still not there, yet. This would be a guitar made on the 801st day of 1984, which would be a bit weird. The truth is out there :)

Too much info for me to look at atm: http://www.provide.net/~cfh/gibson.html

I have been emailing Gibson ref. a serial number on my Epiphone LP Goldtop and so far the result has not been brilliant. The Serail Number on my guitar is- I 7032428. The info Gibson gave me so far is that the guitar was built in 1997. I have also found out that Epiphones have been built in Korea and China(now) and also Japan. For example, an S before the serial number would mean that Samick built the guitar for Epiphone. The Elitist guitars are built exclusively in Japan (apparently) in a dedicated plant similar to a "custom" production plant. However, some Limited Edition Epiphones were made in Nashville,TN, in the 'mid '90's to re-stamp the brand as a quality brand. All this has not helped me find out exactly where my guitar was built....So, any ideas or tips would be appreciated!

Doesn't that guy's guitar-dater site do these? I know I looked up my Epi SG on it. I forget his name but I look for the link.

'The Guy' was Joe_pas_wannabe1. The site was:


Your guitar was made in
January c.1988
Production Number: 4684

Apparently...but don't blame me if it wasn't!

Thanks, Tim. I checked the link, interesting if true. I mailed the factory in Korea since their site looked pretty well organised and might even get a reply. Who knows?

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