Lead Guitar Techniques for Beginners: Palm Muting

by Dirk Hagemann

Another quiet easy technique which is very usefull especially when you
play rhythm guitar or chords during a song. Palm muting is used to mute
the strings while you play it. Depending on how much damp the strings
you can get a really dark and heavy sound or just use it to prevent
unwanted noises from the strings. Especially on the electric guitar
this technique sounds very good!

For palm muting (short p.m.) lay the edge of your palm lightly near the
bridge on the strings of your guitar. But beware, you don´t want to kill
the notes you play!

Play the following riff while you´re muting the strings.


Excercises for Palm Muting                              

Exercise 1 - Try different chord positions.                                                            

Exercise 2 - Lift your wrist while you play the chord                                                           

Exericse 4 - /w open strings      Exercise 5 - Pentatonic-Scale                                                       

              Mix hammer-on/pull-off and p.m.                                         

For more exercises and GuitarPro files for this lesson visit:

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lessons and more. For each Lesson there are images or GuitarPro files
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this is a nice exercise, i've practiced it for about an hour now -

still not getting that nice rhythm but i'm getting there!!

i saw that i can change the sound of the palm strike alot if playing with the amp's bass level...

i'll try this on an acoustic guitar, should sound nice i think...

Really good instruction for being online here. It would be cool to see you implement some youtube lessons on here as well, I bet it would make the kids happy...

Completely agree about the youtube lessons)) It'll be great to hear the sound :roll:

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