Espana 6-Str Electric - I need help identifying this model!

Can anyone help me track down the model and name for this puppy?

I've had her for 15 years now and am just now doing some research on its origins.

I did not realize that there were various models built by the same company under various business names. I've found that this model is nearly identical the Vox Super Lynx. IE:

I've noticed that thre are key differences in the style and construction of the neck in the model linked to above.

I am wondering if mine is a reproduction, or if it could possibly be from the 1960's.


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I doubt its a reproduction. Whoever made reproductions of Italian guitars? (Before Eastwood guitars, of course!)

It's certainly a very nice looking beastie. How does it play and sound?

The sound is nice. I play classical guitar more, but and like this model for it's warmer tones when I can plug her in. I really love the low set action so havign tried a few more electics since buying this one I'm pretty happy. I hardly play it as I don't have an amp with me these days (small child in the house). The classical suits my needs more.

I dismantled the guitar soon after I bought it to clean and inspect the parts and finish/fit. The only thing that was wonky was one of the volume controls, which I refurbished and no no longer crackles from time to time.

She originally had heavy guage strings on it, and I think the original owner was playing it as a blues guitar. I have used much lighter guage strings since then due to the low fret profiles and light neck. Less bowing if you know what I mean (ugh).

I had a guess that no repros exist for Italian models...however I'll be mighty surprised if this guitar is as old as I think it is. I juts can't find any stickers/stamps or serial numbers to confirm. The finish and brightness of the binding and purfling made me think it was fairly new.


Hi JB,

It looks to be EL-36 model built around 1967. The guitar is pictured in the 1967 Espana catalog I have posted on if you are interested in taking a look for yourself. SB

I'll go check out your site...I just sent you 5 bucks.

The teaser catalogues look nice.

Very helpful indeed.

Thanks for supporting the site JB.

I guess the thumbnails of the catalogs are in some ways teasers but that wasn't the original reason I set the catalog sections up that way. Dating catalogs can be a tricky business even if they are dated. Catalogs from many companies have a publication or copyright date that is the year before the catalog was sent to dealers. So it is not unusual for a catalog dated 1967 to depict guiars in the companies 1968 model lineup. I post a thumbnail of the catalog covers so that potential subscribers can see the exact catalog I am offering even if we may disagree by one year on the date. Again, thanks for your subscription. There is a vintage guitar education worth thousands of dollars in the VintAxe catalog section if you have the time to take advantage of it. SB

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