Worst singer of the year

I've heard a lot of "Who was the best artist of the year" - but who was the worst?

Without a single doubt, the British whiner, James Blunt. How on earth did you make this fool from Tidworth? famous, let alone manage to export him here.

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Blunt is "good officer material" and knows how to keep his cavalry boots clean :lol: . No, if I had to nominate my worst Brit-singer, it would be Pete Doherty. Not just for his shambolic "Children of the Revolution" on Live 8; everything (Libertines, you name it). He's a mumbling, atonal noise generator. If he were plugged into a socket, I'd have replaced his filter capacitors years ago.

The drugs man.. the drugs are his creative outlet - you stop the drugs and stop the Doherty. :roll:

That's the funny thing. If he didn't, he'd just be universally regarded as rubbish. Because he does, he wets the knickers of the music press. I'm pretty agnostic about drugs; there are users with good songs, non-users with good songs.

However, a non-user with cack songs hasn't got a hope of press attention but a cack singer-writer who snorts like Nelly the Elephant - well that's different. Now we're talking about "an artist". Only "Wolfman" has ever got a decent record out of him, and that's because the song suits his rubbish singing (in the same way that "The Matrix" suited Keanu's rubbish acting ability). Doherty is, basically, rubbish.

Yeah exactly, everyday there is a new story on NME about Petes latest run in with the law, or Petes run in with another band member or Petes run in with a..... He is half their news.

As for Keanu.. Point Break is a classic.

Dunno if this refers to "Point Break", but one reviewer said:

"Keanu clutches a surfboard... and the surfboard manages to appear less wooden"

:lol: Now THAT'S a review.

I think James Blunt has taken over the cockney rhyming slang previously enjoyed by James Hunt, as in the classic 'Dont be a James Blunt all yer life' , This should not be confused with Berkshire Hunt, which of course means the same thing but has always been shortened to 'Berk' or later 'Bjork' again both mean the same thing, so if someone in the future calls you a 'Berk' they are really calling you a 'See you next tuesday' ..
is that all clear now? i can of course speak from expierence, being the only true Cockney on this Forum, i was born in Bromley by Bow hospital later named St.Andrews.
James Blunt - James Hunt - Berkshire Hunt - Bjork -See you next Tuesday

Apples and Pears my arse..

Wait, does this tie in with the old favourite, Mike Hunt?

I was in a pub once, when the landlady took a 'phone call then shouted over the PA, "Has anybody seen Mike Hunt?"

I laughed so loud, so hard, and so quickly, that the barstaff all assumed it was me that'd placed the call. I got pretty slow service that night. I liked those old "Bart to Moe" calls though - "I'm looking for a Homer Seksyall"

Errrrmmm, Lee, sorry to disappoint you but "Within the sound of Bow bells" doesn't refer to that Bow (as in Bromley by Bow).

"Bow bells" refers to the church of St Mary-Le-Bow, in London EC2.

Which is here: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=532575&y=181852&z=0&sv=ec2&st=2&pc=ec2&ar=N&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&sq=3

Of course i know that, but Bromley by Bow, in Bow is within the sound of Bow bells, Something we all learned in Primary School, local history, we even went there on a very rare school trip, we then moved to the Isle of Dogs, which is'nt in fact an Island, neither is it running amok with dogs, and you do not need a passport to get on and off the Island, lived there for 14 yrs and then moved to Poplar, which isnt populated with Poplar trees, lived there for 5 yrs. Then moved to Essex, Come on glw, how can you pull me up on my local social history... You'll be telling me next Brazil nuts dont come from Brazil, Talking of Nuts, did you know the Peanut is actually a Pea? True.

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