Saying hello with some clips of my playing

Hey there!

Just joining the forum, saying's a bit about me:

I'm really (playing, writing, recording, arranging) is all I do for a living...

My instrument is guitar, but I compose at the keyboard, play drums and bass (started as a drummer)......and arrange professionally for just about every instrument......

My main musical styles are fusion, jazz, prog, blues...but I play just about everything, not to limit myself...

My guitar influences are very diverse, but fusion being the main thing:
Scott Henderson, *Mike Landau, Pat Metheny being the main ones...

My fusion composition influences range from Russell Ferrante, Billy Childs, Chick Corea, Scott Henderson and Gary Willis, Weather Report, Brecker Brothers...

My progressive rock composition influences are Planet X, Dream Theater, Virgil Donati, Vai...

Anyway....other stuff...

I taught guitar and theory privately for 4 years from 1992-1996, going to students homes...

In 2002, I was very fortunate to have my CD “released” on Allan Holdsworth's label, Gnarly Geezer Records...

From that release, I received some great feedback from Steve Vai, Brett Garsed, Derryl Gabel, Shane Theriot, Greg Koch, Rusty Cooley...

In 2003, I switched labels and was officially signed to Progressive Arts Music, and re-released the C.D. in October 2003.

For this re-release, I went back into the studio and wrote 3 bonus tracks, and beefed up the guitar parts and the overall mix, making it a much better disc...(I also enhanced the C.D. with about 80 minutes of bonus mp3s in CD-ROM format, and 3 live video clips)

My C.D. "Freedom", was on the official finalist's list of potential nominees for a Grammy this year for Best Contemporary Jazz Album: .pdf LIST HERE (I'm #29)

Didn't make the final, but hey there's always next year!

Something in which I did make the finalist list was Guitar Player Magazine's "Discover the Next Guitar Hero Competition 2005". A playing contest whereby 10 finalists were chosen by the editors of GP magazine, out of 3000 submissions. The finals were held at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with judges Steve Lukather, Joe Satriani and others. So, didn't win, but I'll take top ten out of 3000. In addition, the final 10 are in the Oct. 2005 Guitar Player magazine (with Yngwie on the cover). .pdf article HERE

There are some clips below, but here are some from my current C.D.:

ORIGINAL FUSION (from my C.D. “Freedom”)
Give It Time Scott Jones © 2003 Freedom PAM-1022

ORIGINAL FUSION (from my C.D. “Freedom”)
Convergence Scott Jones © 2003 Freedom PAM-1022 ...I'm playing acoustic drums on this track, as well as guitar, I sequenced the bass part. This is an ALTERNATE TAKE from the actual release.

I was very fortunate to have released this new version to some very encouraging reviews...

Here are those reviews:


I'm fortunate to have been in Keyboard magazines Discoveries column, Recording magazine's Reader's tapes, Music and Computers magazine's Spotlight column.

I have recently confirmed my line up for my next C.D. "Convergence", to be released in 2006 :

...Dave Weckl's keyboardist Steve Weingart,

...Steve Vai's and Planet X drummer Virgil Donati, well as Planet X bassist Rufus Philpot,

...and Tribal Tech bassist Gary Willis,

...OHM and Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland will be doing a guest solo on one track,

As well as:

...Scott Henderson, Scott Lerner, Guthrie Govan, Ron Thal, Greg Howe, Joel Hoekstra

...Bassist Gerald Veasley will be doing a duet with me on one track.

...legendary Nashville Bassist Keith Horne will be playing one track.

Producer/engineer Anton Pukshansky, is aboard also...Anton is a Grammy award winner for his work on Santana's "Supernatural".

Here's a Flash Intro I'm having developed for the new release:


Anyway, here are some other clips, not released, though I'd like to share them with you; I like to play in a bunch of different styles and these reflect that best:

Sjones-GIANT STEPS 2004 my take on the Coltrane tune

Sjones-44 Seconds with Virgil Donati (an unreleased jam I did over one of Virgil's solos from his CD "Stretch")

Sjones-All of Me My take of the jazz standard "All Of Me", played from a Django-esque approach. I did the backing track also and produced it to sound "old".

Sjones-Beck-like Ballad a bit of Beck, Henderson and Holdsworth on this...

Sjones-Modern Classical


Sjones-Sanborn Smooth Jazz Jam

Sjones-"Softly As in a Morning Sunrise" a C minor blues-based standard with a cool set of turn-around changes. Fun to play over.

Sjones-GIANT STEPS All completely picking...more of fusion, Holdsworth-ish approach than my other takes.

Sjones O Come Emmanuel PERFORMED LIVE AT MY CHURCH (my arrangement with a "Matrix" and "Evanescence" feel...this is totally based on the soundtrack of "Revolutions" and an Evanesence song) I'm the arranger/orchestrator/director/guitarist, electric sitar with choir, orchestra (horns, strings), full contemporary rhythm section; - (there is a tapping solo around 5:00)

Sjones-Krantz-like jam A jam I did in the style of Wayne Krantz.


Sjones-Brecker Funk Jam

Sjones-Hendrix-ish Solo Piece

Sjones-Legato Jam Rock based solo, mostly tapping on this one, more like Hallebeek than Holdsworth.

Sjones-"Nardis" My take on the Miles Davis tune. I played it as three different approaches, one solo after another in the same track: as Scofield; as Metheny, and the last one as Henderson (with a bit of Landau)...the reharmonization and chord voicings are in the Holdsworth approach.

Sjones-Satriani/Vai-ish Ballad

Sjones-arrangement of Jobim's "Wave" in the style of Joe Pass

Sjones-Brecker jam with guitar and bass solo GUITAR: I recorded the guitar solo first; BASS: I recorded the bass solo second; (no pick, by the way), the rest of the part was already part of the backing track...

Sjones - "On the Way Down" Sjones© 2002 (an original Modern Rock song written with my co-writer and vocalist Mindy back in 2002)

Sjones-arrangement of "Days of Wine and Roses" -the jazz standard written by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer, on my nylon string, no pick, no backing track.

Sjones-Planet-X-like tune (an unreleased song I wrote over three of Virgil's solos from his CD "Stretch"....I'm playing guitar, bass and keys)


Thanks for the opportunity to share.....glad to be a part of this forum!!

I'd love to hear from you guys!



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Wow, thats a lot of stuff. :shock: Well done you!

We should have a claim(s) to fame thread, I was once fourth on the bill to Marillion at a festival (I know I've posted that before but it is my one claim to fame!)


Scott, Welcome to the forum.

That is indeed some discography. I'm waiting for a chance to listen to it. I tend to look after this site in the dead hours, and Mrs Bass wakes up if I click on a wav. I hope to get some listening in shortly after the new year.

Heres my top claim to fame..
Couple of years back i bought an AC30 off the guitarist for Mansun - Chad or Chav or Chas?? cant quite remember his name, anyway they did Stripper vicar, Taxloss etc, and he told me the amp had been on the main stage at the Reading festival!, so beat that one Tim !! , Marillion tuh, who are they anyway, 3 hit wonders.

I realise my post may have sounded sarcastic, wasn't supposed to!
I've got so far as listening to your Blues and Hendrixesque tracks, all very cool.

Lee, I think Paul Carrack might have been on the same bill, does that improve it any? (He may have been on the next year when I played the beer tent!)


It'd be Chad, Lee. As in "The Chad Who Loved Me" from their debut album "Attack of the Grey Lanterns". One of the better debut albums, all the better for having been produced by them. Mansun are a fave of mine; I remember "Stove's" Jazz bass selling on eBay. The high-bid sniper went by the excellent username of "egg-shaped-Fred".

FWIW, "The Chas who loved me" is possibly from the "Stars over 45" single from the crafty-Cockneys, and "The Chav who loved me" may become a single from the post-pregnancy Britney. But would we care?

Tim, Paul Carrick cuts no ice with me my friend, i am the person who has hob-nobbed with the stars such as Victor Davies check him out:
has his own record label and we were best mates all through school, i shook hands with the late great Noel Redding and have his much treasured and looked after autographed photo, it say 'Cheers Lee, all the best Noel Redding' nobody quite said it like Noel, the photo actualy fell off the wall behind my computer desk a couple of years ago and i cant be arsed looking for it. I stood next to that Dameon Mincello chap from OCS at a Paul Weller gig, he tried to push in front of me but my elbows were out.
Ive shook hands with Jim Marshall - we all know him, and Andy Marshall - from THD amps, and did you know Marshall is Hendrix's middle name?
and also The Brotherhood of Man, ive had lunch with them, the list goes on and on.. so please dont talk to me about your Paul Carricks... :lol:

My Cousin used to breakdance with Jason Orange...

Hendrix jokes about the Jim Marshall thing on a DVD I've got somewhere, or maybe I read it in a book, but yeah, EVERYONE knows that! :lol:


Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!

I bet Scott did'nt know about Hendrix.... and i didnt know, til someone told me. :lol:

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