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This can be boring, but I have contacted legit sellers of nice guitars and amps on eBay to let them know eBay won't stop a hijack just on my sayso. One has emailed me back to say that "We have contacted Ebay several times about these scam artists.They do nothing,at all."

So, here are today's scammers, as bidded on by Sinoscamtosser
verr34d, dbd9e3e,
and there my buying activity limit was reached. Funny how I've never received a negative, often received a "2nd chance offer" if some other dork outbids me, and never had any of these sellers post a NPB complaint to eBay.

Apart from Li Han, watch out for this person (csd3dfd):
ying Jin(first name:ying last name:Jin)
Address is:wu sheng dong li 28 building
503 chaoyang district
Beijing 100021
1 BANK OF CHINA BEIJING BRANCH No.8 Ya Bao Lu,Chao Yang District Bei Jing,China
2 A/C holder's name:ying Jin (first name:ying last name:Jin)
3 A/C No:401420801882695370
I've won a few rare guitars, several times over, from that seller

and also
juanjuan du(first name:juanjuan last name:du) Address is:nong guang li 107building 801 chaoyang district Beijing 100021 China

Tip of the iceberg, though

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You are right, the scammers located in China are becoming rampant on the Bay 1BL. The sad part is the scam is generally so transparent. I saw a classic example last nite. The seller had an Ibanez Jem or some such for a $25 BIN and $500 shipping. They had 1 feedback. It was for a 19th century silver and jade pendant which had supposedly sold for 99 cents. Why can't I ever find antique jade pendants for 99 cents!

I've never received any useful assistance from the Bay on any bad transaction. Their "protection" is an absolute joke. I would hate to be a legitamate Chinese guitar dealer trying to do business on the Bay now, their credibility is being destroyed by the scammers. SB

SB, amongst a heap of scam Chinese auctions for a Gretsch White Falcon was one with pictures that clearly related to a black Les Paul (also stolen pics from eBay). I think they just look for "Gibson", "Fender" et al and copy and paste. The problems come when the scammers get a bit more clever, as this is almost certainly a gang operating. I had an email from the legit NY seller of the Fender amp I saw twice hijacked. According to him, it's been hijacked over and over and each time he has to contact eBay to get rid of it.

The same pics and description are used each time; just the Chinese seller ID changes. Fleeb really could filter these out quite easily, but obviously won't.

I saw a chinese seller on ebay, he was selling an high end instrument, not too cheap, had a reasonable shipping cost and 38 positive sales against his name, when you looked at these sales they were all for 1p items and private auctions where you cant see the sale, and all from 4 or 5 diffrent sellers, then he would appear on their feedback list on a few items, all positive, all crap items, so watch out for these sellers with pos feedback, i think the lesson here is steer well clear of Chinese auctions.

A once-legit auction for a nothing special LP with the word "loooky" has now been so rampantly hijacked by the same Beijingers that I've given up covering it. A simple Fleeb-search and you'll see what I mean. Fortunately, almost no-one with an ounce of sense is now bidding on them.

They'll get smarter, though.

They have at last cottoned onto the idea that the less they say "I happy good businessman trust much great posted dollars best for me", the less it clashes with the purloined US or British listing description.

This one says nothing except payment details changed:

It's also a hijack of a live, legit auction in the US. I've contacted the proper seller.

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