Lefthanded PRS info needed

Hello all,
Does anyone know the availability of lefthanded PRS guitars? I've just bought a lefty Custom 22. I snapped it up the day i saw it as a) fell in love with it after playing it for 2hrs in the shop, and b) have never seen a CU22 leftie before. The guitar was purchased from a very reputable shop in Melbourne Australia and was told buy the owner that PRS no longer make lefties as the retooling at the factory vs sales was not cost effective. Is this true? Had a look at the PRS site but was a bit light on for this kind of info.
Any help appreciated, thanks

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Welcome, lefty. I don't know what the current situation is, but I routinely search for lefties on eBay and PRS (incl the Custom 22) do come up. Not staggeringly often, but they have been made in some number. There've even been "ten top" lefties, with a price-tag to match.

Thanks for the quick reply 1bassleft.
Just got an email from a mate who tells me PRS stopped making lefties in Feb 04. My build card says Jul-07-04 so this cant be right. With any luck the whole "no more lefties" thing is just a rumour as this is by far the nicest playng guitar ive come across. It always seems cruel to deny players quality instruments just because of their "left-handedness". Not a bass player myself but i assume you have similar problems when wanting to audition basses.
ahhh well.. i guess i should just be glad i bumped into mine. Happy days ahead!

Not a bass player myself but i assume you have similar problems when wanting to audition basses.

It's awful, because I don't live particularly close to a huge city. Manchester is the nearest. Most times when I walk into a guitar store, I'll usually see a Squier Precision from Indonesia and that's about it. I play 5-string and, 3-4 years ago, I bought one from an Italian maker over the Web (untested) because there wasn't much else. The only alternative was the Stingray 5, which is overpriced in Britain and would've set me back £1100.

Anyhoo, I don't get this "retooling" excuse. To make lefties, all anybody has to do is set aside some time to do a run with the wood flipped. The PRS has 3-a-side tuners even, so that's another non-excuse. There used to be a 10% markup for lefty versions, and limited colours. I'd've thought that the real budget end (CRC routing, low labour costs) and the high-end like PRS would have no problem continuing with making money selling to lefties. It's usually the middle region that's a lefty desert, IME.

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