Well, I know it's not very original to try and cop the sounds of other artists. But, just to keep my sanity, I need to find out how to make the standard My Bloody Valentine/Ride/whatever other bands like that "sound". I probably won't really use it, nor would I really want to, I'd just like to see how it was done. If you're unfamiliar with the band, download any song by My Bloody Valentine (ie. "Come In Alone" or "When You Sleep") and you'll see what I mean immediately. That sort of sludgy, annoying sound.

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I haven't checked, and I might be wrong, but I thought that MBV got that sound from dragging and mucking about with the recording tape as much as any FX. I never saw them live as I couldn't stand them. One reason why it's not a good idea to copy MBV is because Creation, the do-no-wrong, Midas-Touch record label spunked some 7-figure sum on their album and it bombed, taking Creation with it :cry:

Ride and Lush were a bit less extreme. A lot of reverb was involved; even Lush's bass player went through the house PA with a fair whack of 'verb. You might find something by looking up MBV on

Yes indeedy, it's all here:

Blimey, I remember playing in those days. Wall to wall Jaguars and Jazzmasters (sunburst and tortoiseshell or, if you were 'different' antique white and tortoiseshell) - sometimes a Ric 360. Our lead guitarist had a bright red Strat and he might as well have been wearing a fez; he stood out like a sore part. Worse, I had a gonky, pointy Aria bass. How the Jazzmaster equipped singer/guitarist could bear to be on stage with us I don't know. My tailor-made flowery shirt is still around somewhere... :)

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