Tony Blair: Rock Star

(Apologies to those outside of the UK)

Last night on Channel 4 there was a programme looking back at our current Prime Minister's "rock star" pretensions back when he was 19. It was one of those documentaries featuring interviews with those who knew him at the time, interspersed with dramatised segments featuring actors.

At one point we were told how Blair was trying to write a song, playing his guitar, when the neck fell off. (In the dramatic sequence we see the actor wrestling with a Telecaster in pieces, and trying to fit the neck back into the neck pocket).

How on earth was that supposed to have happened? If Tone really played a Telecaster, then perhaps some joker had removed the bolts, but how could he not have noticed? It's kinda worrying that our Prime Minister in waiting could have overlooked this.

Meanwhile, here's a webpage devoted to Tony Blair's Rickenbacker collection: It can't be the same guy, surely?

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mouthwatering collection.

There is no way on earth the neck can fall off a Tele, unless of course it is a Columbus copy, in which case anything is possible, apart from being able to tune, play or get a decent tone out of the bloody thing.

This continuous Millbank bumf about Tony Blair, guitar hero is annoying rot. Clinton's a very capable sax player but Tone has never been anything more than a very average strummer, not much better than I. Fine, he's got a hobby, great but I wish the meedja would stop making such a big deal of it. British tabloid journalists know naff-all about decent musicianship (quite unlike the British music press :lol: )

Bass, the programme did not make him out to be any kind of guitar player. In fact they said he could just about manage three chords back in the old days and most probably doesn't know any more now.

If anything, the programme ripped the peepee out of him royally.

Ah, I see. I watched that Channel 4 prog that recreated the events leading up to Dr Kelly's suicide. They had a bit where Campbell was trying to 'phone Blair over the "sexed up" dossier but he was noodling on his strat "Hey Alistair, what do you think of this riff?"

Probably never happened, but amusing anyhoo. In the honeymoon days, I used to get sick of "what a modern PM, used to be in a band dontcha know" stuff in the chattery sections of the papers.

Thankfully I couldn't find John Howard clutching any sort of instrument.

However, Johnny does express his love for cricket quite a bit over here, but recently when asked to join in a game with a few troops he made a fool of himself. He bowled like a girl and batted like a pom. Made every news break and no doubt the web if you do want a laugh.

Michael wrote:
He bowled like a girl and batted like a pom.quote]

Is that meant to be a provocation? its a pretty poor attempt mike.

Yeah, I gather John Howard made a complete ashes of himself :lol:

Yeah and our PM doesnt 'Blub' like a big old girl who tripped over the skipping rope and droppd her cornet ice cream on the floor. :lol:

Who doesn't cry like a big girl when that happens.

In the end but... it's all about connecting with the voters. From that picture alone Tony has to be a great guy, and a cool rock star one at that.

Michael wrote:
Who doesn't cry like a big girl when that happens.

In the end but... it's all about connecting with the voters. From that picture alone Tony has to be a great guy, and a cool rock star one at that.

On the first I'm more into real sports! (way to make friends...)

On the second point, no he doesn't and indeed isn't, but probably still better than the competition, maybe...
If he was cool he'd be called Tone (Whales and Dolphins, Whales and Dolphins, Yeah) (if that doesn't mean anything to you, don't worry, you weren't there)

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