Any suggestions on removing smoke smell from guitars

I play in some very smokey and smelly places,and all my guitars(and cases)smell terrible.Anybody got any great ideas on how to kill the smoke smell without hurting the finish?It's a '74 Les Paul,'85 Strat,'99 tele,2000 Dot,and my Taylor.The cases smell just as bad as the guitars,and I'm a non-smoker.
Thanks for any help.

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1bassleft wrote:
I knew the Delta man would have some real-life exp of this :D . British bars are bad, too, but I smoke a heckuva lot more often than I gig so 601's a better bet.

Ozone is the biz for cig smoke but dropping $200 might seem a bit steep for your own occasional problem. If so, try looking out for that ozone spray intended to get that whiffy dog's butt aroma off the sofa. Just as effective for the cancer-sticks, too.

Sounds like a good idea,I'll give that a try before anything else.Thanks!

:shock: Bassleft, if your smokin, STOP!!! for godsakes!! It will kill you man!! I know nico,is a bad drug to quit, I did in 85 and still from time to time want one!! But it is a slow killer no Lie, about the time you get good and enjoyin what your doin it will hit you!! Be well Bro!!!

Toot toot toot Bass, i hope you dont smoke in front of the children? I used to smoke too, gave it up 10 years ago, put on 2 stone, probably die of heart attack but at least i'll die with loads of money in the bank!!
Dont forget, 'he who dies with the most stuff wins' .

Now, where the hell did i leave that Jam Doughnut?

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No smoking in the house at all, Lee. Mrs Bass and Bass Jr are anti. As a chemist, I know exactly what I'm pulling in (and, as a recent 40yo, I've noticed I'm not getting away with it like in my twenties). Still, haven't had any wine in at least two weeks yet so one vice at a time, chaps.

Sooner you give up your Sunn Mustang addiction you will stop killing us with laughter :)

Nice one Mike.. :lol:

Ahahaha... :roll:

Just strummed it again tonight, having picked up yet another valve head. Seeing as Bass-sprog (7yo) randomly strikes open strings and I'm a lefty upsider, I'm still OK with having paid £46 for a decently set up knockabout that I can leave against the wall. I would buy him some quality, of course, to randomly strike but it looks like money's required elsewhere. Trumpet's going very well for him and the £60 Stagg (go on, hardehar) may have to be some pricier Yamaha in a coupla years. He can pay for a Bach out of his own earnings...

Am I the only person to make a point of paying as little as possible for fickle youngster's playthings? Is the thread "Show us your (kid's) guitar" going to feature pics of dot 335s with felt-tip markings? SOH bypass, I know, but I don't get it - "Bass buys cheap guitar for young kid. What an eedjit." :?

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