It doesn't matter what it looks like...'s what you get out of it that counts. IMHO you could possibly get more out of your equipment with a Behringer PB100. Click on the link to read my review:

Genuine post by a working musician.

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Hey, thanks for the link.

I've always seen Behringers for silly-low prices and assumed they were only worth that, maybe look a bit further now.

Also, totally agree with the whole sentiment of your post, my bass doesn't look great and only cost £200 but the guy I used to play a for (a professional musician by trade) wanted to borrow it for recording. I think the moral is test everything and judge them on what you hear. As long as build etc are reasonable I don't see how you can go wrong.

Yes, I mentioned in reply to 601's Q about Behringer. I haven't got one, but I bought a BTS 600W stereo PA to replace my blown English 400W mono. It piddles all over the English PA, Chinese or not, and cost a ridiculous fraction of the money. I wouldn't have wall-to-wall Behringer gear, but it's got to be worth a look.

Like Tim, I've made a (forced) habit of buying what's great value for the money rather than nice logos and street-cred. I wouldn't turn down the usual big names of course, but there is a certain satisfaction from finding a nice guitar or amp for little money thanks to a bit of research and ear'ole training.

Ive been replacing my effects over the past few weeks, changing from a Boss ME50 over to individual effects, ive bought mostly BOSS, cos i know the reliabilty and quality is there, also re-sale is always good on a BOSS pedal.
But after i had made most of my purchases i read an article on the latest line of Behringer pedals, it was a very good reveiw and the pedals were only £15 each, so i went and bought a tremelo pedal and a Blues driver pedal, and they are both excellent.

£15 isnt a lot to risk on a pedal, but saying that all the other 4 pedals got dreadfull reveiws.

I did have a Behringer VAMP, which was rubbish, got rid of it very quickly.

I think that proves a point, you have to hear these things (very interested in Blues driver) Although I do agree on Boss's kickability, but for the price of 5 Behringers...

(for a bassist at least, why are bass effects more expensive?)

(for a bassist at least, why are bass effects more expensive?)

Volume of sales. Bass players supposedly don't want the same type of FX as the sixers (why not? f'r'instance, I think a touch of reverb sounds great on bass. The player for "Lush" had it added from the main desk at gigs) and different frequency ranges are involved etc. All that re-tooling for a market where a high percentage of players never give the subject the slightest thought.

Similarly, left-handed instruments are more expensive and often not offered with options, interesting colours etc :evil:

Tim wrote:

(for a bassist at least, why are bass effects more expensive?)

Artificially high to keep you lot in check, nobody like's to hear a bass player on full flange, with Excited Echo, and a bit of Phase Shift with a whiff of 'Octave Octane Over the top Overdrive', except other bass players of course.
We went to a exhibition at the NEC couple of years back and there was a bloke playing that 'Slap' bass, p'ting p'tang p'tuck p'ting, and he went on for hours.. and hours... and hours.. i can still hear it now,
Bloody bass players :lol:

Hang on, I've mentioned a number of times my dislike of the gdakka-gdakka technibores. If only they could show the same restraint as the usual exhibition-guitarist... :lol:

A good exhibition guitarist like Eddie Allen or Michael Angelo will always draw a huge crowd, clapping and cheering them on, your average slap bass player is a Billy no mates.

Can you compare Michael Angelo to an average slap bass player?

Also, I think they draw big crowds because you guitarists like gimmicky things (such as Michael Angelo :lol: ) In my experience it tends to be guitarists that really rate the Ego-bassist as well: Les Claypool, Billy Sheehan, Stuart Ham and the like

Funnely nuff, does anyone in Blighty remember Making Music magazine? They used to have their annual Reader's Poll and, seeing as I worked for them, I couldn't help pointing out to the Ed that "Best Bass Player" top three was always Flea/Billy Sheehan/Nathan East. All good, but coincidentally...
1) No RHCP album in ages, but Flea does feature in vids a lot for a bass player
2) Billy Sheehan, despite being in a band no-one bought in this country, leans against an Ampeg rig on the back cover pull-page ad every month (in stretch denim and black leggings, yeeeuuw)
3) Nathan East, busy touring and not recording, grins out of the centre pages clutching a set of Elites stainless strings.

So I wondered aloud if a lot of six-string bedroom onanists voted for bass players purely on the basis of "If they're paid to endorse something they must be good" and knew stuff-all about the instrument. Unfortunately, Ed printed the letter, so I might as well say it again and get shot twice :P

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