Kirk's Weekly Guitar Lesson: Phony Flamenco

Hello again, fellow guitar buff. I trust your week went well.

This week I've done another 'phony Flamenco' lesson. I say phony because I wouldn't presume to know anything but the basics of this wonderful style of music and I certainly wouldn't want to insult anyone who does know the finer points. However, it uses the same 12 notes as all other music, and some of it is so familiar sounding to our ears that it's fun to be able to at least fake it.

This lesson looks at La Malaguena, a very well known piece that is almost the 'default' Flamenco, Spanish Guitar tune. You'll recognize it instantly. It's based around a simple chord progression and is not that difficult o get your fingers around.

Check it out at Guitar for Beginners and Beyond.

While you're there, make sure you add your location to the Google Map we installed. It's quite something seeing how far flung our members are scattered on this planet of ours. Membership is growing at an alarming rate -- 100 per day -- and it's a very civil, polite community we have, so please, if you haven't yet ... join us.

My book PlaneTalk - The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book continues to unlock the mystery of the fretboard to those who have 'hit the wall'. Most twangers get to a point in their learning where they have all the basics under control: chords, scales, modes ... they have a repertoire of tunes that they have learned, many have even become professionals and play for a living, BUT, they still are wondering what the trick is to having the whole fretboard at their disposal; how it is that some players can simply make up their part as they go, seemingly out of thin air. PlaneTalk teaches that 'trick', which, once you know it doesn't seem like much of a trick anymore. It is simply a way of looking at the fretboard and is based around something so simple that you learned it the day you first learned about chords. Check some of the testimonials here ... most are quoted form the private PlaneTalkers' Forum where we discuss the technique at length on a daily basis.

Read all about it here, and you can listen to my brand of guitar playing here, if you're curious.

That's it for this week!

Cheers, happy twanging,


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