Takamine input problems?

I have a Takamine G Series acoustic guitar, which occasionally starts to make noises through the PA, which sound like input trouble. WHen I opened it up to check the input, everything seemed fine and well soldered. I have changed numerous leads to no avail. I am sure its a problem in the guitar, but strangely enough it doesn't happen at every gig, it just picks the odd one at random. And only the odd time during the gig? Can anyone help?PLEEAASSEE!


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OK, like, I know this is really obvious, but you have to rule out every possibility before you get too concerned.

Did you try changing the cord?

Clean the contacts inside the guitar, Check the jack plug going to the inside of the guitar sits comftably on the contacts of the guitar. (check for excess movement).
Obviously change the 9v battery.
Check connections at the amp/PA end.
Are you using and inline effects box? check that out too.
Are you sure its the guitar and not the PA connection, change your guitar to another verified trouble free channel.
If it were mine i would beg steal or borrow another accoustic to rule out the electrics inside the guitar.


Thanks for the replies.
I have tried different guitar leads.
It has happenned in more than 1 PA, and in different DI boxes so I guess that rules out PA ad DI box problems. I don't use an effects unit. I have cleaned down the contacts and made sure, as best I could, that the plug was sitting in comfortably?
I have changed the battery.

When you talk about the electrics in the acoustic, are you suggesting that one of the components might be on the way out?
I could borrow another acoustic, but if it works that won't definately mean that it's electrics as it'd mean it's working because I'm using another guitar? It could be electrics though?

Given what you've said, my favourite is the guitar's jack socket. Almost all of the DURDURDUR problems I've had have been a result of the socket losing its springiness and wobbling on/off contact. If you're reasonably handy with an iron, I'd get hold of a quality (but not pricey) new Switchcraft socket and replace the old one.

Might solve the problem and certainly wouldn't hurt anyway.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions

i was just going to......... Damn Bass got there before me. :lol:

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