need to know value 1964 gibson sg double-cutaway bass guitar

would anyone happen to know the value of a real 1964 gibson sg double-cutaway BASS guitar in mint condition... i was given it from my grandfather before he passed away recently...its a great quality guitar and has a great sound even after 40 years of use this guitar is still in original mint condition...i would really like to know the value of this guitar
thanks in advance to any help recieved,
craig :twisted:

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Hi Craig.

Sounds like you are talking about an EB series bass. You really need to determine exactly what you have before a reasonable value can be placed on it. For example, the 2004 Vintage Guitar Price Guide estimates a 1964 EB-0 at around $1,000-$1,300. However, they estimate the EB-3 (slotted peghead) at $1,700-$1,900.

All I'm suggesting is that the price estimate can vary considerably depending on the specific model of EB we're talking about. I've got a 1963 Gibson catalog posted on my website VintAxe that will probably aid you in determining what you have. Just click the WWW button underneath my post. Good luck, SB

hi sb i cannot access your catalog on website as i dont have a sign in name and cant see any place on site to get one can you help?
Craig :twisted:

Just go to the homepage and click the catalog link in the introductory text. This will take you to the catalog menu where access information is provided. SB

The only thing I would add (apart from "Hey SB, I must look at your site toot dasweet") is to check that bass very carefully for cracks; particularly around the headstock and the neck:body join.

The Gibson EBs are notorious for these, and they can bring the value down in a hurry. As mentioned in a previous thread, go to and search for "Gibson EB", then click on "completed listings". This will give you an idea of what people have paid, and the pictures will help you determine what type of EB you have.

I think, that if i were a 'real bassman' i would buy the EB3, it has to be the best looking bass ever, it's the Taj Mahal of the bass guitar world, Jack Bruce played one and he is the coolest guy on the planet, well maybe Michael Angelo (who plays 2 guitars at the same time, one in each hand using hammer on's and pull off's whilst simultaniously wearing very tight spandex and an 80's wobbly mullet wig.) has the edge. :lol:

Going to SB's site, clicking on a page of the catalog will bring up the details on how to pay for a username. I'm a teeny bit confused about the EBs. The EB2 is semi-acoustic, I can handle that. The EB0 I always assumed was the one with the "sidewinder" neck humbucker only, and the EB3 having the neck and bridge humbuckers.

However, I think I've seen one Fleeb EB0 with a bridge pup and I've seen both solid and slotted headstock versions of EB3s. Are these cases of seller's misdescription or is the EB series more complex than I thought?

As for getting one, the EB3 is the pick of the bunch. I am checking one out for another chum who runs Most EBs are 30" short-scale, which is a put-off for me (although I have bought a beatup Mustang bass). A lefty, long-scale EB3 must be one of the planet's ultra-rarities.

Although Jack Bruce is synonymous with the '65 EB3, I found out a lot of Cream recordings (eg "I Feel Free") were recorded with a Fender VI bass he had. Up till then, I had a completely wrong idea of what the EB sounded like.

Thanks for visiting VintAxe 1bassleft. I hope you saw something interesting. I've added your lefty bass mate to my links page. He's got some great instruments. You're welcome at VintAxe anytime. Cheers, SB

Thanks, SB. The pleasure was all mine - you have a great site. I'll let Arni know you linked his leftybass site, he'll be really pleased and I'm sure he'll reciprocate. If anybody sees something lefty, thick-stringed and not run o' the mill, shout me a "Oi!" and I'll gladly check it out.

hi all i found out what type of guitar i have it is an eb-0
but i still dont know the value one sold on ebay at $770 but reverve not met but it was not mint condition but the reserve was $1500 so i dunno if this is close to real value or not
thanks, thenewcrow :twisted:

Crow, I think a reserve of $1500 for a righty EB0 is "optimistic", even if everything is fine and dandy. The rarer lefties might make that, because us poor cack-handers just have to pay up. A good EB0, no cracks, proper sidewinder pup (not a Dimarzio) in original finish would get you around $800-$1000. If you can possibly make it out, the mahogany is preferred to the walnut body.

Out of interest, does yours have just the one, neck, pickup? If you do sell, go for the "famous name" user thing. This always pushes a price up for some reason. Apart from Jack Bruce, more recent use has been made of the bass by "Kings of Leon". Good band, and "The Bucket" video clearly shows use of the EB. Maybe you can search and watch a slice of the vid (don't try it on 56k, though :( )

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