Warning: Haircuts may cause harm - Europe still rocks baby

We've been cleaning up some old database entries here and Stace came across a great site dedicated to 'Europe.'

Beautiful! http://www.angelfire.com/nj/europepage/

Don't fight it.

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Surely to god they dont look like that now? do they?

Don't fix it if it ain't broke boy

Europe - "because they're worth it"

Mrs Bass used to play "The Final Countdown" incessantly, so I used to follow the lines

We're heading for Venus (Venus)
and still we stand tall

with the most obvious rhyme to "Venus" that I could think of. Did it all the time. Then, one morning, she woke me up all incredulous after playing it downstairs "You've got it wrong, it's cause maybe they've seen us NOT I'm sucking your..."

:roll: , she's very quick is Mrs Bass


As long as she's stopped playing it now.

I think we need a 'True Confessions' topic, i'll tell you mine if you tell me yours type of thing. That did make me laugh Bass.
I think ive told everyone about the Verve song 'Drugs dont work' for years i thought it was 'The trucks don't work' that song made no sense to me at all, and no i was'nt under the influence at the time!

I thought Fat Boy Slim's "Funk Soul Brother" was "Vauxhall Brother" for AGES.

It used to confuse me on the car advert, because the car wasn't a Vauxhall (I can't remember what it was... a Ford perhaps).

Edit: I'm not the only one. Just found this - http://forum.digitalspy.co.uk/board/showthread.php?referrerid=109801&t=225584 - someone thought the lyrics were "Check it out now, the Vauxhall Rover".

Well like Lee, and I think I've said it before, I also thought it was "The trucks don't work."

I never could work out what a cat in a bag waiting to drown had to do with trucks breaking down.

"Vauxhall Rover" lol

I had the annoying habit of singing along while on the dancefloor back in the 80s. The fact that I didn't know the lyrics never stopped me. From Siouxsie's highly rascist Arabian Knights (doubt it gets played in even Danish Embassies):

"Dead ahead in the night burning in the light and knowing that it's right ... Myriad lights-they said I'd be impressed Arabian Knights-at your primitive best ..."

I sang "Lydia's eyes... yeah I'll be undressed" and (like glw) I've found I'm not alone...

Misheard Lyrics:
'Rectum', she sighed,
'Your folks are nice'.
Original Lyrics:
Ripped-out sheep's eyes
No forks or knives.

from the fabulous amiright.com

REM's Mumbler of Ceremonies, Stipe, always caught me out. "Welcome back to Rockville" always sounded like "We'll go back to my place" - although I was a bit single-minded in my teens.

I remember some BBC comedy actually spoofing what I already thought was Macy Gray's genuine lyric:

Every time I sing I just croak
Even when I talk it's a mumble
Never heard of fashion, it's clear
Chuch hall jumble's where I get my gear


A fav from AmIRight...

Elton John's, "Crocodile Rock"
Misheard Lyrics:
But the biggest dick I ever got.

Reviving an old thread here... but it was only this morning that I realized Stevie Wonder's Treat Myself was not about masturbation.

"I think I'll treat myself to all the pretty places in my head
Yes, I'm going to treat myself to all the pretty places in my head"

"I think I'll treat myself to all the pretty faces in my head
Yes, I'm going to treat myself to all the pretty faces in my head"

How wrong was I.

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