Seven Steps to Richie Blackmore

A bit like the "Kevin Bacon" game; except you have to link your way to Richie Blackmore. Either try and answer one or come up with your own. Here's mine:
DJ Katz to Richie Blackmore, in seven steps.

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Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract. Marvelous song, awful video.

Actually, I only saw a spin on that exact clip on The Family Guy the other day.

Peter singing with Abdul, except the lyrics he changes to:

Paula Abdul: I take two steps forward / I take two steps back...
Peter Griffin: We come together 'cause I'm dressed like a cat.
Paula Abdul: And you know, it ain't fiction / Just a natural fact...
Peter Griffin: We come together 'cause I'm dressed like a cat.

Michael; marvelous mod, awful music taste :lol:

OK, so you've got from Skat Cat to Paula Abdul. The rest is easy.

Scat Cat of course performed with Abdul. Abdul and Blackmore have both visited Hard Rock Cafe Japan. BAM!

Whose next.

:roll: and they both have drunk tea. It does take the full seven steps, but it's really very easy now. Admittedly, watching British television shows does help.

TEA, you can't make a connection out of tea. :)

SEVEN: Scat Cat - Abdul - Top of the Pops - The Scorpions - Greek Theatre LA - Deep Purple - Blackmore

If you can make an Infinity Drive out of a good Brownian motion device such as a nice strong cup of really hot tea... :)

Not saying your links are wrong Mike (can you add a brief expl?) but I hadn't thought of places or shows as steps; mine consisted only of people (although Skat Cat is pushing the 'people' thing a bit). I'll do the next person after Abdul after my week's hol if no-one else does. From thence, it's plain sailing.

Well.. I may have took a few liberties with the locations.

But as for explanations...

Scat Cat shagged Abdul, or at least the video lead me to believe.

Abdul appeared on Top of the Pops, where The Scorpions also appeared.

The Scorps played a gig at the Greek Theatre in LA the same night as Deep Purple.

Steve Morse knows Ian Gillan, who knows Ritchie

Thats 7 ppl, minus locations?

I think everyone's appeared on TOTP. Deep Purple had a #2 with "Black Knight" so maybe they turned up on TOTP. Anyhoo,

1) MC Skat Cat, as stated, duetted with
2) Paula Abdul, who is a fellow-judge on American Idol with
3) Simon Cowell

should be fairly straightforward to name the remaining people now.

3) Simon Cowell, who is a fellow judge on The X-Factor with
4) Sharon Osbourne...

please put this thread out of its misery. I'm still trying to keep video confirmation of Durst's Limp out of my head :oops:

5) Ozzy?

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