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Another purchase, so I thought I'd start a thread for people who like to yak about the other two-thirds of their sound. TBF, I don't think my speakers would interest many here because, y'know, bass requirements differ. Still, here's the latest that I've long had an interest in but it's just the off-auction pic as I haven't received yet. An Impact 60:

and rather than me blather on about it, plenty of info on Sixten's Impact site: I'd be very interested to get the Impact 100W he mentions; cathode-biased 4xEL34 - interesting even if it does burn up most current-production tubes.

I'm going to transfer over some earlier posts that clogged up "Show us your guitar" thread so apols and scroll down to those that have seen them already. Please punt in any/all of your amp/cab/combo pics and why you do/don't like... :)

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All i can say is... Phwoarrrrrr. :)

As for the Traynor, the "scorch" has actually gone right into cracking the turret board, and the resistors are now disconnected on one side. I've called in the ops of Plexi Palace peeps, and these resistors act as a choke on the amp. Could be a dead PT is involved, although those Hammonds are tough nuts. TBH, I'd rather face locating a suitable 50W EL34 mains tranny than do a root-and-branch replacement of everything. I'll update but, as long-termers like Lee knows me, I'm a lot quicker to buy than I am to fix.

I've picked up the Dynacord Twen. In some ways, this is more puzzling. Very little info on the web; of the three H-C reviews, one says that it's a 2x6L6 with an output of 18W. Struck me as odd, and there's a German who reckons it's a 2x6V6 combo. Sure enough, mine has a pair of (nasty, Russian looking) 6V6s. Now, this makes sense. A pair of 6V6s would put out about 18W and, even if someone plonks 6L6s in their place, the trannies etc look to be made for the smaller output glassware.

I've done an unscrew, and taken pics, but there's no obvious damage. That white stuff on the speaker cloth is paint, not tearing. I've removed the dust (a lot of that) and checked the valves. The Mullard and Telefunken ECC83s (yay!) seem to be fine; as does the filter cap and wiring. Not a peep on switching on, though; not a single filament glowing. I've only had time to do the obvious; replace the plug fuse and plonk in a known-working EZ81 rectifier. No joy, but I've got my eye firmly on the oddball voltage selector. Seems a bit weird.

Best bit about this Dynacord is that it has a channel called "Vibrator". Once I get it working, I'll pull down my boxers and let you know if those crafty Germans have come up with the ultimate guitarist's experience :lol:

I still fancy the YBA1...Phwoooaar

Another couple of purchases. I got a Laney 60PA with a pair of "so what" PA cabs for £41. The cabs are no shakes but I was paying for the amp; I have some regrets about selling off that PA100 Super I owned.

Although it has BMT like the lead/bass variants of the time, the bass knob seems to have little effect. Presumably a capacitor (minor) problem, as 30Hz from a low B string is about as bassy as things get. No reverb effect at all, and I wonder if a tray is missing because there's no springy noise when moved. Overall; typical 70s Laney EL34 amp; good, but not world-beating.

I had a go on this newly-acquired WEM FR30, solely with my 5-string active bass (I'll try guitar later). I started with the low-Z input, seeing as the bass is active, but got a right old distortion. Not unpleasant, but more fuzz than blues OD although the normal "auxiliary" input changed all that. Cleaner, but lacking headroom compared with my 30W Dom MkIV.

The reverb works but it's not in Fender league. It's the smallest tray I've ever seen, which may be something to do with it. The B+T cut and boost, and very effectively too. The channel gain and overall gain are useful for changing the grunt. I'll have to give it a go on guitar where headroom isn't an issue so much.

Earlier, I got another Fradan Echomatic 50; even better than my other one thanks to some really sci-fi tape echo FX when set a bit extreme, and I've got another Dominator MkIII. A non-worker but everything looks OK and it might be just the loose connection to the speaker. If that hasn't fried the OPT, happy days.

Laney 30W. 1987.

Is that an avatar or a postage stamp?? i must be sitting too far away from my computer, where are my binoculars?

Is that the AOR, Lou?

Hello all - been a while, but here's my amp. Nothing special, just a Fender HotRod Delux:

Good to see you back Shake, missed your input. I'd fancy one of those if it were being pushed out of a neighbour's house, for sure. I still haven't sorted myself a nice, US-sounding, 6L6 amp.

Been saying for a long time about uploading some pictures of my Hiwatt DR103 - 1973 100 watt head, it was given to me by our old Bass player Michael who used to use it in 1977 in a punk band as a bass head, those keen eyed amongst you may have spotted that.
Needed new filter caps and preamp and output valves, the first amp tech i gave it to balls'd it up, wrong caps and untidy wiring, then a 2nd man had a go, did a fantastic job, i bought a replacement capacitor set from ebay, cost me about £60 and some eastern European valves, i think i should have spent more money on the valves, but Mullards are horrendously expensive. And this thing sounds like a dream, im not trying to get the 'Gilmour' sound or the 'Townshend' either, but i can see why those 2 players use them, i have used it for gigging for the past 2 years and it has never let me down, and it blows my mates TSL100 marshall out of the water.
I kept offering Michael some money for it, i told him how much it was worth, but he wouldn't accept anything.
I haven't cleaned it up, anybody notice that?

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