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Another purchase, so I thought I'd start a thread for people who like to yak about the other two-thirds of their sound. TBF, I don't think my speakers would interest many here because, y'know, bass requirements differ. Still, here's the latest that I've long had an interest in but it's just the off-auction pic as I haven't received yet. An Impact 60:

and rather than me blather on about it, plenty of info on Sixten's Impact site: I'd be very interested to get the Impact 100W he mentions; cathode-biased 4xEL34 - interesting even if it does burn up most current-production tubes.

I'm going to transfer over some earlier posts that clogged up "Show us your guitar" thread so apols and scroll down to those that have seen them already. Please punt in any/all of your amp/cab/combo pics and why you do/don't like... :)

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:o Dear oracle, thanks for the info. 60s amp hooray.I just guessed 70s because of the stage pass sticker. I dont play it as often as the other amps, but its a lot easier to carry about when I'm not playing at home. Most of the time its in my sons bedroom,where he uses it with an Ibanez s540 and a Digi Tech Grunge pedal. (It dose take a pedal nicely)Its my practice amp. I use to use it at work when I was on nights with a 1x18 Vox bass cab hung off it. Glorious. The trem I've never tried. Is it built in? How do I operate it? As for the cork sniffing link,bring it on. I will be most grateful to learn. I still have the original speaker.I might get it fixed. Thanks. 8) :D

Yes, they're great with a pedal. I've played guitar through a DHA VT1 pedal into the Scala and the valve overdrive feeding into the valve combo is excellent. OK, here's the link to the cork-sniffing on trying various EL84s in the Scala:

I haven't been on Plexi Palace for a while and its new front-end is quite impressive. I also did a comparison of ECC83s, the preamp valve that is currently Chinese in yours, and you may want a read:

I do apol in advance for my wordiness but, if you can stomach the drivel, it does show that you can some really different characters out of the Scala. It's so simple as a circuit that changing the glass can have a big effect.

I wouldn't bother repairing the speaker because I have seen 8", 3ohm Elacs on eBay and they don't sell for much. Providing the impedance of 8ohm is OK (and it probably is, but it'd be better to adjust the output if poss) then the Celestion is a better speaker. Through a big cab better still, I bet, although I've never tried. The Scala's littleness is what makes it so handy for me.

Edit: the trem is internal and is the bit of circuitry closest to the control panel, with the EF86 valve in it. You need a footswitch to turn it off/on and, IIRC, this is a normal jack so any on/off f/switch will do. HST, many valve amps have non-working tremeloes these days but it's all fixable.

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