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OK, I thought I'd do something different for my 1500th post. Supposing your box on Deal or No Deal contained the big money all along and you went to the wire. Your significant other (wife, husband, cat, Domino's Pizza) says you can spend what you like but no more than three planks cluttering up the house. What'd you go for, and why? Brand new or vintage. Here are mine:

1) Lakland 55-94

although the retro in me would want the scratchplate "Classic" in Lake Placid Blue and I'd rather have the genuine Stingray 5 pup over the Bartolini. Two of my favourite pups (the MM and the Jazz neck) in one bass and I like how Lakland make 5-strings that don't have a neck width that Cessnas could take off from.

2) Godlyke Deity 10
An 8-string sounds like fun, but I'd miss the low B so a quick visit to Godlyke called for. I'm a lefty but, seeing as they charge >$3000 and don't use a CNC, I'm sure they can accomodate me.

3) '72 - '73 Fender Telecaster Bass

Did they ever make a lefty? Bet they didn't, but I suppose I could get Custom Shop to do me one and, while they're at it, fit piezo saddles and the Graphtech preamp (I can live without the tone knob). What a strange combo that would be, the raspiest bass humbucker ever blended with acoustic?

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Three VERY fine basses, Boogieman. This was meant as a fantasy, "wish list" thread, but the fact you actually own and use them is making me a bit sick with envy :lol:

8) Do not have to envy anyone man. I just went after what I wanted a long time ago and have not found anything that sounds better for the style of music I play. I did just oickup a 61 Danelectro Longhorn that is high on my list !! 8)

How have you found the Longhorn, Boogie? The Danelectros are pretty individual, but is the Longhorn worth having?

The Dano is very cool. I have 2 others, a original 58 and another made in 62. The Seafoam Green one I just picked up was made in 98 but looks and feels brand new. I don't think the owner that sold it to me knew much about them. This one has upgraded tuners and real Jerry Jones pickups made in 2004. The Longhorn is it's own animal. Short scake and very light in weight. It sounds very cool through my SVT'snand gets a great sound for Blues. I also have a original DC-2. They are all great players, and add a little history to any collection.

Interesting info, thanks. I have a basketcase Mustang shortscale that I'm determined to get going. If anyone sees a lefty Mustang Bass body listed (refin, re-issue, I really don't mind), please give me a headsup. I have everything else, but the body I got was hacked by a goon.

There are a lot of people who make bodies. I am certain there is someone near you who could help you out. I will keep my eyes open for you.

Thanks, boogie. My problem is that I'm a lefty, and the Mustang bass wasn't on most luthier's "Christmas template" wishlist.

We'll see what happens, though. Thanks again

8) There use to be a guy from Brazil that made very cool bodies, both right and left handed, and sold them on Ebay. Great product and great prices. He is still there every so often but his prices are now WAY TOO HIGH !! In fact he is so high he does nt sell many anymore, at least on Ebay.

Like I said I will keep looking for you. You never know what might pop up for sale. 8)

I know the chap, Boogie. I've had my eye on him. A few comments from buyers about his packing being a bit rubbish, marks on the bodies etc. That wouldn't bother me too much. The only trouble is; I've never seen him list a Mustang bass body. As you say; his prices have gone up substantially.

Any Mus bass body, especially lefty, give me a ping :)

Well, I know a couple of guys who bought bodies from him and they both told me they were great. I doubt if they cared about small imperfections because they finished the bodies their selves.

The guy use to be easy to contact, plus he would build you any type of body you wanted. You might contact him and see what he says.

JLR 8)

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