Four pickups??

A new restaurant opened near our house (Appleby's), and they have an old guitar on the wall with 4 pickups on it, look like humbuckers that say something like "Pinnacle" or "Supreme" or some such thing. No other ID. Until I can get a photo of it, anyone have any idea what it might be?

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I remember when Guitarist magazine was in its infancy, someone sent a photograph into the letters page of their Stratocaster which they had fitted with nine single coil pickups and a whole bank of switches.

I wonder if there is a pic out there of it?

1bassleft wrote:
The Rapier 44 and its upmarket version were pure marketing; to slap a price-tag on. In the same way, if I were to say "oh feckorf Lee" it would be pure knee-jerk reaction to a good ribbing. Someone out there really reads my single/serial/parallel yawnposts and thanks the Lawdy for G-site, Lee. Really, they do.

"Hands up who likes me" (copyright Rik Mayall, Young Ones)

My hand is up :D

:oops: I should've typed "series/parallel" but got computeritis and wrote "serial/parallel" instead. We probably got a few hundred hits from Roland git-synth owners. I'm now firmly on the USB list (Useless, stupid etc) :lol:

I think you got away with that one bass, anybody remember serial and parralel ports?

Pretty sure I never used 'Parralel Ports', sound Spanish?

:lol: , Tim - Lee will stop writing nice things about you if you're not careful. FWIW, I think the Graf Spee was scuttled in parralel ports, a dockyard suburb of Montevideo.

What a nightmare---but I love the Chord roots on the fretboard-bol.

Went to the restaurant last night and photographed the thing. Obviously in rough shape, and I may have mispoken about the humbuckers.


Those pups almost remind me of the split pu's for a Bass, the switches are interesting, is this thing some sort of variation on a mustang?. Too much setting up for my tastes-but rather intriguing anyway.

It looks a bit Teisco-like.

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