Repainted 1971 Les Paul Custom for $1000. Bad idea?

Would this be a bad idea? I know that repainting crushes a guitar's value. But I want a good player, and I know this is a great year for LP. ButI don't want to take a bath on it either. Comments?
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noodle69 wrote:
dont forget that if this is the origonal paint job then it may be worth much more , especially when the fashion changes and people will pay more than its worth !

A "hot rod" original paint job on a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty? Please tell me no such thing exists.

I think you're safe, glw. I can't see a major manufacturer offering hideous, OTT paint jobs as standard.

Except the "bowling ball" strat, "spin splat" strat, "antigua" strat, "Disney" strat, "Ford Mustang" strat...

OK, I can't see Gibson doing it.

A genuine Gibson LP would not be seriously devalued by a custom paint job--look at the pre aged fenders being offered-even so far as rusty metal finishes--whats a few flames--buy it if you like the axe and learn to love it or tape it up for your own custom look.

You know I've got an Antigua Strat, don't you Bass?

I did, glw. Not my favourite coating, but I was having a dig at Fender's dafter schemes rather than your "cough-splat" Strat, old chum :)

1bassleft wrote:
I did, glw. Not my favourite coating, but I was having a dig at Fender's dafter schemes rather than your "cough-splat" Strat, old chum :)

What a crawler you are Bass, ive seen loads of posts in the past where we both 'laid into' the Antigua strats, i remember you branding them 'Disgusting blots on the Fender catalogue' and 'i would rather play a Colombus 1976 original copy, than suffer the embarassment of playing an Antigua'.
What a Backtracker you are!! :lol:

that model in the 2006 lineup--so it looks like you got your wish for them to quit using-guess they listen to you too huh? :shock:

I confess to also liking the bowling ball and the splatter Strats too! The one I really dislike is common or garden sunburst finish. I just think it looks awful. Black is boring too.

Guitarists are a funny old bunch. I mean the electric guitar is supposed to be all about rebellion, but most guitarists are ultra-conservative in their tastes.

Here you are, 'cos you love it so much:

(Actually, since getting the Feline Holy Panther, the Antigua Strat is surplus to requirements, so if anyone wants to make me an offer!?)

i bet it plays like a real dream too. Made in Japan?? great guitars, i have a few Jap fenders, your one looks real nice, it would need a few extra items for me to put in an offer:

1: 2 sheets 80 grit sandpaper
2: 1 sheet 400 grit and a sheet of 1200.
3: 1 can of Holts Spray paint, any colour except lime green or yellow.

Never would £15 and 5 hours of labour be better spent, it would be like
a duty to mankind. :lol:

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