Hi, anyone can help?


I just purchased a classical guitar from a small second-hand stuff shop, the label in the guitar is :




I guess it`s from Spain. I have tried to search for information about this brand and the model through yahoo and google, but just few information could be seen.

I was able to see VICENTE TATAY Tomas and Vicente Tatay SRC but never could I find anything about VICENTE TATAY "S.L.".

Anyone has information about the item above? What is the model and how old is it? Is the "S.L." really come from the old brand Vicente Tatay or some one just put the label on and tried to pretend to be.

Any information related to the item will be appreciated. Thank you.


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More posters always welcome here. Anything that prevents me from mentioning "Lee", "shift key" and "first person singular pronoun" in the same sentence is a good thing.

Interesting to see how the pricing issue is perceived by the experts here.

I had such a question some time ago as well, and have learned it's a very dodgey question to ask up front.

Perhaps a good follow up question then: if someone were coming to this forum to find the best means of disposing of a good guitar, what would be the best place to go? The most suitable owners might not pay more $$, but the result is that the guitar might not be stripped for parts.

I have a guitar I'm seeking an owner for, and I see plenty of guitars listed on eBay and elsewhere, however in my case I would prefer to see this thing go to someone who will treat it with as much care as I have for the last 16 years. I imagine many are merely out there to valuate something like the 5th in a line of 1000 guitars they're trying to dump. How does everyone here filter out the sincere requests when valuing guitars seems to be such a subjective affair?


That's an interesting Q, jb.

To my mind, watching the final bids on Fleeb for a guitar is the most brutal but honest evaluation of a guitar's worth. Most (AFAIK, and that involves a bit of conjecture, certainly) are sold as playable instruments and bought by people who want to play them. A basketcase that's too expensive/time consuming to bring back to standard may be bought purely for parts value and stripped out; but that's fair enough. A decent axe is usually worth more than the sum of its parts.

The exception that springs to mind (for me) is the Fender Mustang/Duosonic etc guitar. You'd see the 60s-dated neckplate, "F"-marked tuners, 60s-dated pups and CTS pots (all useable gold-dust on a Strat or Tele) listed with big BIN prices and the alder body languishing at <$100 with no bids. Things are changing now, as a complete Mustang will fetch >$1000 fairly easily.

I have to say I'm not sentimental. If I loved the guitar so much, I wouldn't sell it. If I am prepared to post it off in a box, I might as well get the most money I can - no point hoping it "goes to a good home".
(a) it's not my wife; it's an assemblage of wood and electronics
(b) I don't believe for a moment any "I'll offer you half-price, but promise that my war-veteran, twice-decorated, victim of a mugging son will cherish it like his own goolies" story.

If you absolutely have to sell a cherished guitar to a loving owner, there's only one way. Sign up to the relevant forum (a quick search), make enough posts to qualify for posting a "for sale" topic, and offer it at a good price to any member with, say, >100 posts. Wait for the PMs to arrive.

Interesting and very helpful advice 1bass.

I have tons of fun watching the yearly "too awful to look at" lists of guitars for sale so I'm well aware of the inflated self-worth some owners ascribe to their FS postings ;)

I will do as you suggested. Sentimentality is what got me dragging my stuff across the continent six or seven times as a struggling pro athlete (distance runner) with no driver's license. It's friggin hard to barter your way onto a flight with two extra carry-ons since 2001.


:) , Having just gone through John Lennon Airport to get over to Malaga, I´d say your chances would be very slim. I think a distance runner´s trainers count as a WMD all by themselves. I virtually stripped (and paid two quid each for "speedy security" - even the security forces are in on the act), was about the only person not to set off the ding-a-ling but still some bloke decided to give me a routine frottage.

Crikey, the bloke knew I hung to the left after he´d finished. Here atGuitarsite we have a FS/WTB section but it´s really to keep the one-post offloaders away from the main boards. If you have some nice guitars, particularly the Fenders and Gibsons, you´re best looking at regular posters to such fora as your best source.

Over on Plexi Palace (a vintage amps forum I frequent) there are plenty of players who would rather sell their kids than part out a nice guitar.

Sounds fair to me.

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