Can anyone help with the value on a Guitar pleeze

Ok, so i have a guitar, and it's like quite new, and it has a sticker on the top and it says- Fonder or maybe fander the 2nd letter is broken.
and its got 3 things under the strings, there are 5 strings but i think it should be 6, im not too sure.
I want to know how much it is, in $$ and is it any good.
Oh and its red color.

'Chew the cud with Jesus, he died for us all'.

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Damn, i thought you beat the rush and went out Weds. :D

Would've done, but Mrs Bass has volunteered us both for the church choir :lol: . I'm singing Donna Nobis Pacem and other left-footer stuff for Easter Sunday tomorrow (my 2nd "gig"). Being a very-lapsed right-footer, I've never even heard of these hymns; it's doing wonders for my sight reading. In fact, I did a mini-jam with the guitarist last week and my first bassline was in 3/4. Totally threw him. He even counted "1,2,3,4" before I stopped him and counted "1,2,3. 1,2,3"

It's funny how derivative and samey rock-guitar is; always sticking to 4/4. Still, my 3/4 idea did end up sounding like caca :)

Theres your cue, start writing a Rock Waltz in 3/4, the first ever!
And no slipping any Strauss covers in there.
We shall expect the full manuscript when you return from 'The 1Bassleft towers estate' in Spain, more like a ranch these days.
Buenos Nochas. :lol:

Arriba! I'm back. Sounds more like a cue for a good, new thread, Lee. As you rightly pointed out some time ago, Money is in 7/8 (by Roger Waters - another bass player :P ) except for the bit where they switched to 4/4 so Dave Gilmour could solo without getting into a tizzy.

Look for a time signature thread to come up :wink:

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