Randall RG200 G2/amp ?

I recently got the Randall RG200
I barely put any volume and it gets really crackly and farty.
I have to turn the bass EQ way down as well.
And it still doesn't seem to get that loud (it's 200 watts, should blow my head off right?)
Any clues?

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Crackly and farty? no volume?? could it be that the speaker/s have blown? got it set to the correct impedence? from what ive heard on here the Randall range are solid state amps , im not to familiar with SS amps, but i would check that the amp is good by using the line out socket to a mix desk or similar? or do you have a headphone socket? you need some way of ruling out the speakers, probably a stupid question but plug a guitar in direct to the amp, dont use any effects pedals, and also if you use active pickups do you have a new battery installed?? this is the basic stuff. And yes 200 watts is very loud, if you close all the windows and doors then you should be able to lift the tiles off your roof.

Twizza, it's not obvious whether you bought the head or the combo. Let us know. If you can rule out a third-party cab as the problem (ie you bought the combo and it farts, or else you bought the head and only this head makes the cab go pffft) then you need to go back to the retailer ASAP.

Time is of the essence. You've paid quite a bit and don't want to be stuck with it. The sooner you tell the retailer (in writing) the better. Legally, your beef is with the retailer so you must tell them you're not happy straight away. Don't be fobbed off with "contact the manufacturer" - they all try that. I'm assuming you bought new from a store. If anyhting is otherwise, please post here for more ops.

thanks guys. Here is some more info. It's the combo. I am leaning towards it being a voice coil. Seems to be no problem through headphones. Also I ran it to my smaller prectice amp (which wasn't too conclusive as the practice amp can't handle that much anyways) But I also ran it straight into my reciever, similar to what I do with my Pod, and it did sound better. The speakers, upon inspection seemed fine, and also like I said it seems fine at low volumes. My experience is limited, but like I said, I'm leaning towards it being the voice coil. And just to make it a nicer situation, I got it off ebay.
Thanks for the help.

how recenty did you buy it? if it was recently then contact the seller and let him know your problem, have you left feedback yet? thats always as a good a weapon as 'Lance on the forward 50's ' nobody likes bad feedback, if it is the speaker then its not the end of the world, you can get some GT-75 celestions for about £40 each, but it think your seller should go half with you, thats assuming it is the speakers of course.
You need to go back to him and let him know whats going on. if you got the amp very recently tell him you want to send it back to him for a full refund.
It could be worse, you could have bought a Hondo 2 guitar, now that is a real 'pup' what do you say 1bassleft?

Sorry, I've been off-air a few days. Fleeb or not, if advertized as new by an e-retailer then you have redress. Buying from a private seller ("nearly new", "hardly used") then ground is somewhat slippier. You even have to be careful with the "send it back and I'll send you a refund", just in case. Most of my fleeb buys have turned out fine no probs, but one or two duff buys got a bum's rush response.

The -ve f/b isn't such a big weapon. Few sellers post a +ve before they've seen the buyer's, so you end up getting a neg yourself. Hopefully, your seller's one of the good ones. If not, check the soldering and wiring from amp to speakers and also see if you can isolate which speaker causes the trouble.

As for the Hondo, I can't believe how they fetch such relatively high currency. I have one, and they're utter cack - daren't even list it.

well I guess it's not the speakers, I did some tests and they aren't the problem. I did notice one thing though. This normally doesn't have a fan installed on the heat sink, yet this one does. Could this have something to do with it. I want to say that the amp almost sounds choked, like at higher volumes.

TBH, Twizza, I'm outside my limited zone of knowledge if you decide against sending back. My SS amp exp is very weak. The fan *shouldn't* be a prob, but may be if badly modded by a numbskull. Try disconnecting it. Also, have you gone to Randall amp's site and sent them an email?

They look like a decent operation and these types will often reply with some handy suggestions, even if you've bought a used example. Good manufs stand by their products (at least as far as a bit of tech support) whatever the purchase history. Worth a try at least.

I sold a Randall 100 head out of my pawn shop that had a similar problem. The guy that bought it was a techie and a friend, and in this particular case the problem was a capacitor.

yeah but which one?

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