The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - Ever. Pt.2

Sequels are never as good as the originals, Speed 2 ? Aliens 2 ? Deep throat 2? all duffers, and then of course there is always the 'difficult' 2nd album, 'Whats the Story' , 'Reggata de Blanc' , and so Management have asked me to create a sequel to 'The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - post them in.' it has become a bit of a 'Sultans Elephant' (a very large beast) did anyone see it in London?
Anyway, part 2 will be easier to manage, so please post all the naffers here, Part one is being put out to pasture.

Sultans Elephant:
and for video:

Takes over 100 people to operate it.

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What could be better than a Glow In The Dark Bela Lugosi graphic? Perfect for playing Bauhaus songs on.

I'm really digging these last 2. Absolutely awful.

Bela played Dracula, anyone remember the other oldies?
didn't Don Chaney play the werewolf? who was frankensteins monster?

edalbkrad wrote:
lol guys check out this guitar

I nominate this one for the 2006 award - I know there's still more than 4 months to go, but let's face it.... nothing will head this off!

Dont speak too soon, there may be an even bigger knob out there, somewhere, they usually turn up in Australia for some reason.

lee_UK wrote:
Bela played Dracula, anyone remember the other oldies?
didn't Don Chaney play the werewolf? who was frankensteins monster?

Lon Chaney Jr was 'The Wolf Man', Boris Karloff was certainly Frankenststein's monster in 'The Bride of Frankenstein' and don't forget Klaus Kinski as Nosferatu.

And I want that guitar for my wall (no, not the big cock one!)

Bahaus fan or lugosi?

:lol: :lol: :lol: , I would play that bass onstage except for one problem. As a lefty, I'd have to turn it over and that wouldn't have the same effect on the girls, I fear.

Brilliant pic - definite contender.

AN interesting one from this Norwegian guitar maker:

I'm guessing "Snort Hogs" is the name of a band.

Look at the wear on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd frets, it looks like it's been played to death.

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