The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - Ever. Pt.2

Sequels are never as good as the originals, Speed 2 ? Aliens 2 ? Deep throat 2? all duffers, and then of course there is always the 'difficult' 2nd album, 'Whats the Story' , 'Reggata de Blanc' , and so Management have asked me to create a sequel to 'The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - post them in.' it has become a bit of a 'Sultans Elephant' (a very large beast) did anyone see it in London?
Anyway, part 2 will be easier to manage, so please post all the naffers here, Part one is being put out to pasture.

Sultans Elephant:
and for video:

Takes over 100 people to operate it.

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Unlike the "penis" bass. Obviously not owned by a fretboard w*nker

Music-outlet-shop on the fleeb has this lovely piece for under 3000 euros:

Apparently called the Gittler, only 200 Gits would've played this in the '80s, one being Andy Summers. Wonder why only 200 were made?

Andy Summers
Robert Frip
Mike Oldfield
Michael Angelo (Mike's Fav)

Thats 4 of the 200

I've played a Gittler, although it was the one without the plastic behind the fish-bone neck.

I quite liked it actually.


Andy Summers
Robert Frip
Mike Oldfield
Michael Angelo (Mike's Fav)

Thats 5 of the 200


Why are guitarists so conservative?

I thought it was all supposed to be about rebellion.

I think it all changes when you get married, get the mortgage and then have kids, and your mumber 1 priority in life isnt trying to make political changes by going on CND marches and supporting The Anti-Nazi league but you seem to worry a lot more about getting your kids into the school of your choice, and then having to move house to do so.
You finaly realise that all that twoddle the new Labour goverment gave you in 98' about parental choice was a load of old cobblers, and thats when rebellion takes the back seat.. what the hell this has to do with a Gittler?? well like New Labour it looks on the surface to promise so much, but in fact it delivers so little. :lol:

Not saying this is a bad finish, but surely you'd be better off just swapping guitars?

Wonder how much it weighs? looks pretty hefty

Even Peter Hook would struggle to reach down to that bass. Anyhoo, were Vampire guitars covered in the previous thread? I was on Ed Roman's shopsite when I saw these ghastly things:

Viper Omega


Rockingbat. This one has some revolting moulding/routing on the body that doesn't show up fully here. You could click on the Roman site and see a full-screen, but I wouldn't :shock:

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