The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - Ever. Pt.2

Sequels are never as good as the originals, Speed 2 ? Aliens 2 ? Deep throat 2? all duffers, and then of course there is always the 'difficult' 2nd album, 'Whats the Story' , 'Reggata de Blanc' , and so Management have asked me to create a sequel to 'The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - post them in.' it has become a bit of a 'Sultans Elephant' (a very large beast) did anyone see it in London?
Anyway, part 2 will be easier to manage, so please post all the naffers here, Part one is being put out to pasture.

Sultans Elephant:
and for video:

Takes over 100 people to operate it.

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3 is awful, but 1 and 2 have some redeeming qualities. great for a spinal tap-esque act.

No 2 looks very nice, i like the colour, 3 is fodder, No1 looks too much like the Eifel tower, symbol of the pretentious frothy coffee.

This Warmoth-parts LP bass could've been very nice, if a little impractical. Then I looked closely at the "binding". Oh dear, ha'p'orth of tar, anyone?

It was going so well til he said:

'The white tape around the outside is decorative and removable.'

Oh dear, surely nobody would put white sticky tape on a guitar to make it look better? not around the pickups too? :lol:
Nice find Bass.

its a Tokai 1990 Love Rock custom 'hairy pussy' , well thats according to the german music-outlet shop selling it on ebay, yours for £850.

That one is just gross.

A re-spray is needed urgently. Either that or take it back to a natural finish.

I'm sure I remember 'hairy pussy'? its the scarring where they've fitted the hardware that gets me!

'twas Tim. the mitten in Deuschland, music-outlet-shop Fleeber had this one flagged up in the previous thread. I remember the rhythm/treble nipple piercing.

Must admit, it looked familiar to me too, i only found it on my weekly Tokai dredge of ebay. Brings a tear to your eye to see a decent jap Tokai abused this way.

It's our friend music-outlet-shop again. A snip at £3000, I'd say:

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