Vox AC30 piggyback

I reckon I'm going to sell my old Vox AC30 piggyback amp. I've not used it for many many years now as I no longer play witha band and it's hardly the kind of amp I can use at home anyway... the whole street would hear it!

The poor thing's been sat in the corner of a room gathering dust for ages now. I've just been giving it a clean-up and think I'm going to take some piccies for the dreaded eBay.

Inside the actual amp though, it's very dusty and a bit greasy. Should I persevere with trying to get it squeaky clean, or would collectors expect it be be a bit mucky?

Outwardly it's a bit tatty and I reckon it dates from about 1964/1965 - no sure fire way of telling though.

I saw a AC30 combo of about the same vintage - and a much tattier example than my own amp - go for £980 on eBay last week. Is this usual, or am I missing something?


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Nearly forgot to update you chaps with what happened:

The amp head sold for £668.56 to a guy in Madrid, Spain.

The speaker cab went for £305.55 to a chap in Birmingham.

So, best part of a 1000 quid for the pair (minus eBay fees). Not bad.

Absolutely not bad, glw. A good price on the head (I did say worldwide was a good idea - smug grin) and a totally excellent price on the cab. Really, I wouldn't have expected more than £150-200 on the cab. Cheapskate me; I would've lost interest well before £100.

You done good, kid :)

I'd love to see pictures of it once it was restored!

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