8) Would be interesting to know what gauge and brand of strings all of us bass guys use.

Any interest from you all in talking about it ?? :twisted:

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I'm with Mr Jameson on tone for definite.
Only problem, last time I snapped an E was onstage during the first song of a timed 3-song battle-of-the-bands set, oops.

I'd heard the same of Jamerson. My fave string-snap story is as follows:

My band went on first, did our set (for once, got rave applause so bit of an act to follow). Second of the three bands went on an the bass player snapped his A in mid-set. He opened my case and pulled out a lefty. Threw it back in and reached for the final band's bass case. When he pulled (I was waiting, I knew the next band) a fretless, his face was a picture.

I took his bass and wound one of mine on while he made low humming noises.

Well, never clicked with the heavy gauge Elites, just fitted some medium gauge stainless flats by Overwater, so, so smooth to play but a nice kick to them as well, there was a guy at Bass Day selling 2 sets of Rotosound nickel flats for £20 but I think I made the right choice (the price of the Overwater's dropped from £20 to £15 when I set off to look again at the Rotosounds...)

Now I can finally adjust my amp...the knobs have been cross-eyed for the past year to compensate for the brightness of the elites!

Yes, stainless Elites roundies are bright. I quite like that, and plan on having a "bright" bass with them. My Jim Reed is already quite warm and I'm finding that the nickels improve as they get older. That's the opposite of the Elites, which zinged like a piano (partic the lower registers) when new but quickly dulled.

I'm having the Jazz 4-stringer sorted but had no experience of flats so flunked it and told the tech to stick whatever on. I know that pricey Thomastiks are well regarded but it's tricky for me. I'm after a thud-whump. Any experiences/preferences?

Well...the Overwaters are now on my acoustic, which sounds waaaay better for having them.

I picked up some 'Picato' stainless standard-guage flats for the electric which are great so far.

Other reason I mention 'Picato' is they are UK made and set of standard Nickel rounds only cost me £9.99! I picked up a set just for the gig-bag. The quality seems great if the flats are anything to go by...worth a look if your in the UK (IMO, obviously)

IIRC, old Picato strings had a pic of some hippy dude playing on his knees. I picked up a loose roundwound and may still have it in my bag. On my fretless Jazz, Steve the tech fitted D'Addarios. Obviously high quality (£23 for four, I think) but I'd like them to age a bit to get the whump.

Yeah, these ones have a really cheaply printed 'clipart' style packet but I'm really impressed with the feel...longeity remains to be tested.

I started with (and played for a long time...'til I snapped the E!) D'Addarios then went onto the usual Rotsound 'Swing bass' but I am impressed with these so far...

I prefer my strings to be a bit gunked-up, I'm definitely in the Jamerson camp on that. I'm also strictly flats fom now on!

I prefer my [flat] strings to be a bit gunked-up, I'm definitely in the Jamerson camp on that.

Me too. As suggested by "The Bottom Line" thread, I'm considering eating BBQ chicken wings and having a play without washing my hands first :lol:

:lol: Good plan

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