CMI e200 guitar information?

I just aquired a CMI E200 electric guitar, Plays great. Thin body, very light. uncovered tuning pegs,all strung together with a stamped(scroll type) metal plate,two single pickups I am trying to find out it's age. And history, I could not find any serial numbers.Do I need to disassemble it? Any help would be nice. Thank you Brad

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Hello Epi,
I've never uploaded a pic on this particular forum. I'm doing my usual method, and maybe Michael can look in if it doesn't work out here. Here's a pic of my Marshallesque CMI:

Hope this helps.

Post preview. Hey, it worked! Jolly.

Bit titchy, though.

Brad et al, there is a CMI guitar on Fleeb attributed to the Gibson parent:

FWIW, this is also what I consider to be the Standel amp-maker cum Japanese-guitar-importer later taken over by Gibson. Here is the headstock logo, but this image will only hold here as long as Fleeb holds it in their records:

IMO, if you have this logo, you have a Standel CA guitar, imported from Japan sometime in the late 70s/early 80s.

And, to tidy things up, here's a Japanese CMI made for Jim Marshall's Cleartone Musical Instruments in Bletchley, England:
and another headstock-logo-shot. Again the pic only lasts as long as Fleeb keeps it:

BTW, the lefty US CMI has a good BIN of £100. The contemporaneous Ibanez was also a bolt-on, so not to be dismissed. Fair bit of fretboard wear, though.

Sure enough, the Standel CMI was snapped up at its BIN of £100 ($200ish). If I weren't such a lousy guitarist, I'd've grabbed it.

I'll have to take a picture of my Tokai love rock, the 1979 lawsuit model, its a double take of a Les Paul, Cherry burst with a apir of recently upgraded Duncan Pearly gates pups. Plays, looks and feels just like the real thing.

You choose well with your Bi-Valves and Love-Rocks, Grasshopper. Now you can walk over hot coals making melodious noises... :)

The late 70s Tokais are DEF a step up from these CMI (Bletchley or Standel) Japanese imports. I won't bore everyone with why (for once :wink: ) but they are sooo great. My own Andy Marshall has a Tok Strat, and he treated it "so what" because the lucky git accepted it in lieu of £100 owed him. I showed him the attention to detail, the quality of woods, the QC which beat the pants off a Fender from the late '70s. He's got the idea now.

Tokai attention to detail, like you say, is top shelf stuff, here are a couple of pics, first ones ive uploaded so if it all goes 'Hondo II' (down the loo) then you can blame me. 2 pics:

the headstock all original:


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