CMI e200 guitar information?

I just aquired a CMI E200 electric guitar, Plays great. Thin body, very light. uncovered tuning pegs,all strung together with a stamped(scroll type) metal plate,two single pickups I am trying to find out it's age. And history, I could not find any serial numbers.Do I need to disassemble it? Any help would be nice. Thank you Brad

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Just for you Bass, this is top shelf centre spread tongue out stuff...

note where the 'hotplate' attenuator knob is??

lee_UK wrote:
Hey whats up my computer was down for a while but i will try to get a picture of my CMI on here but remember it is in the proccess of being restored

how can i put my picture on here from my camera

epi, this used to be the bane of my life. If you don't mind, I'll post this up as a new thread, so others can catch it. Sorry to do it this way, but it may be of use in the "how do I do this?" scheme of things. Thread to be called "posting your pics on guitarsite"

Hows it going 1bassleft?

In reply to your attempt to uncover the true story behind CMI guitars and amps, I would like to tell you briefly about my CMI.

Les Paul in natural finish neck and main body. The main body is comprised of 2 sorts of wood with the upper layer surface made of what could possibly be beach and the back side possibly ash.
The neck is quite possibly made of beach and made of 3 pieces. The finger board possibly ash and has black suuare inlays at 1,3,5,7,9 frets and so on.

Both body and neck are banded in ivory and black (plastic I should think?), though the neck is just ivory. Black scratch plate.

All the bit n pieces had a guilded finish (gold look) that started to show signs of wear.

It was bought in Birmingham, England around 1976 for around GBP 120.00

I have just had it revamped with new Grover machine heads and Jeff Beck (Seymore Duncan) pick ups, new toggle switch and wireing.

I dont know if it is possible to upload a picture og it, will check that out in a minuet if not, I would gladly send you a phote to your mail address.

Regarding the logo, it seems to me almost identical to the one one the first picture you have of the CMI amp with the exception of the' C 'is adjoined to the 'I' on the bottom edge and is in gold with a mother of pearl diamond like pattern on the head.

Hope this info has been usefull and please do get back and let me know what you find out.

All the best


Hi Huskey,

I have a sticky "How to post pics on guitarsite" that'll instruct you how to put pics up, and there is another sticky, "understanding CMI guitars and amps" that would be a great place for your post and I'd welcome your info and pics. Is it a bolt-neck or glued in? I have recently seen some "Marshall" CMI Les Pauls with set necks. I must update the thread. Set-neck Les Paul copies were not all that common in the 1970s and it's the strongest evidence I have yet that CMI might have used Fuji- Gen Gakki.

Hej 1baseleft.

Thanks for your reply.
It's been ages since I last logged in so therefor the late reply.

My CMI has a bolt neck.

Thank's for the links for uploading pics, I will get back to you and send some but right now I am on my way to work.

Catch you later! :D

Good to hear from you, Huskey :)

I've updated the CMI thread recently. Any new nuggets of info always gratefully received... :D

I happen to have the same guitar as you...

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