Is there a place in the world for this???

Reminds me of my first guitar, the worse thing i ever played, i mean truely unplayable, it wouldnt tune because the bridge was in the wrong place and you couldnt set the intonation.
The tuners constantly slipped, and it sounded like it was being played under water.
If it was a 99p start auction i would buy it and go over and pick it up, the guitar is only 10 miles away, i would then saw the neck off and plant it in the garden and post up the pictorial evidence on here.
We really need to keep stuff like this off the streets, i think as guitarists and fellow musicians, we have a duty.
So lets have a whip round and i will do the honours. :lol:

Dont even bother trying to defend this , this, thing!

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lee_UK wrote:
Dont even bother trying to defend this , this, thing!

I won't.

It always amazes me the number of these horrors that turn up on eBay, with desriptions using such words as "Rare" and "Classic" and even the occasional superlative.

Also. if it's a bit knackered in some department (they always are) then call it a "Project".

The pup reminds me of my first "Satellite" guitar. Those screws are actually the polepieces. Just common/garden screws, with a bit of wire going round them. Technically; it can be called a pickup. But so can attracting the attentions of a middle-aged woman who wants to charge you £30.

Anyone familiar with the Small Faces song 'Rene' the dockers delight?
Just suddenly thought of it when Bass mentioned a 30 quid pickup.

I did once go to review a band in Manchester, and got into a fairly embarassing conversation with a girl about "business" and the sum of £15.

Can't believe I was that naive. Might even expand on the story, if requested :oops:

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