Washburn HM-80

I just got a Washburn HM-80 from a bandmate, and wish to purchase it from him, but have no idea what the guitar is worth. If anybody out there knows more about this guitar and what it is worth, please let me know!

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Did you ever find out what this guitar is worth, I paid over $800 back in the 80's and it is in perfect condition with the case.

Isn't it up to your bandmate who's selling it to find out what it's worth?

Else tell him that you can't give them away these days, and get it from him for peanuts.

3 post's in nearly 3 years...wouldn't hold your breath.

haven't checked this thing in quite some time. At least I got a couple replies. I still have the guitar. Unfortunately a friend of mine cracked the headstock, so now its no longer worth the supposed $1800 that I was told. :evil:

I have an HM-80. I purchased it years ago from some whacko in a shady part of town.....quite the experience to say the least. The damn thing better be worth something.

I used to talk to a guy about six years ago who had an amazing website which talked about the HM series from the 80s. They had a 5, 6v (prototype), 20, and 80. Yes, the HM-80 is EXTREMELY rare. That would probably be the reason why it is worth so much, if for some reason. I can't find any information on it. I called Washburn and they said they would send me brochures on it.......that was three weeks ago.

Many of the blue books don't even have it listed for a price. I called my local guitar store (who is very knowledgeable with vintage guitars). They rememberd them, but didn't have any info or value on it. The HM-20 is still able to be found at a decent amount of places. However, the HM-80 DID exist and was part of the HM line. Washburn did tell me the guitar retailed for $850 back in 1983/84. I believe it was only in production very briefly. You can see a girl playing the HM-80 (I think its the 80 and not the 20) in Robert Palmers "Addicted to Love" video.

My HM-80 is in rough condition and the washburn wonderbar was stripped from it, which really pissed me off. The guy(s) who had it before me really gigged the hell out of it. This doesn't surprise me because it does make a cool live playing guitar. I currently replaced the wonderbar with a kahler flyer and replaced the bridge pickup with a dimarzio megadrive. I plan on doing a complete fix up within the next couple years.

But yes, this guitar is still a mystery to me. It is also a very nice guitar. Even though my HM-80 is beat up to hell, it still plays like butter. Luckily, this thread comes up first on googles search list when typed. Hopefully this will attract some users to share their experience.

People, if you have any info on this guitar, please share!

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